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After Dhoni’s plea, criminal case filed against Arka Sports

After Dhoni’s plea, criminal case filed against Arka Sports

Mihir Diwakar, a longtime friend of MS Dhoni, has filed a fraud case against him, bringing his company Arka Sports to light. Dhoni had stated that Diwakar was starting businesses under his name that he had not given permission for. He had also accused him and Saumya Das of Arka Sports Pvt Ltd of perpetrating a fraud totalling INR 15 crore. Subsequently, Diwakar filed a defamation suit against the former captain of India, nullifying any accusations made by him.

The Ranchi civil court is currently deliberating over Dhoni’s complaint against Diwakar and Das. A criminal complaint will be brought against Arka Sports’ Diwakar and Das. Both were charged with fraud in the complaint that Seemant Lohani filed on Dhoni’s behalf, according to Judicial Magistrate Raj Kumar Pandey’s book.

Dhoni and Arka Sports case:

After Dhoni's plea, criminal case filed against Arka Sports
Credit: Shiv Talks

Diwakar and Dhoni have been close friends for a long time, and they were frequently spotted together at public events. In particular, he worked closely with Dhoni to establish the MS Dhoni Cricket Academy. As of right now, the academy runs out of Singapore, Dubai, and India. It is thought that the two became estranged due to Diwakar’s use of Dhoni’s name in logos to demand money from companies that weren’t covered by the agreement.

On January 5, the October-filed complaint was heard, and Lohani, the captain of the Chennai Super Kings, was present. He had provided Dhoni with the necessary evidence of the purported fraud. Additionally, Lohani provided his statement, which was noted in the affidavit. All three of the parties to the case will receive summonses from the court.

Regarding Dhoni’s pals, he was spotted endorsing the modest sports store owned by his childhood buddy Paramjit Singh. During his early days, the 42-year-old primarily spent his time at the store known as Prime Sports.

It was thanks in large part to Paramjit that Dhoni received his first sponsorship from BAS. The wicket-keeper batter was spotted practising at JSCA Stadium shortly before the IPL 2024, proudly displaying a Prime Sports sticker on his bat.

So, this was all about the Arka Sports case. Also read, Ace cricketer David Warner- The man who went never gave up!

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