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Ace cricketer David Warner- The man who went never gave up!

Ace cricketer David Warner- The man who went never gave up!

Cricketer David Warner said to ESPNcricinfo while his critics were putting him in the coffin, “Being 36 years old and approaching 37 years old makes you easy prey for critics. It’s also something I’ve witnessed with former players. Therefore, I’m happy to relieve the pressure on the other guys and ensure that nobody is concerned about the rest of the team.”

Warner, being Warner, toppled the top and refused to go. In an effort to leave on his own terms, he intended to stay on for an additional twelve months. He’s never disguised who he really is, and he was being authentic there at the Sydney Cricket Ground, describing a farewell party.

Sports are inherently selfish, and one does not oppose them. When someone does, though, it’s against all the odds. Warner was more interested in the struggle than the victory. And he exuded a strong sense of confidence in his ability to silence his detractors until Sydney—a career he had moulded to prove his doubters wrong.

Cricketer David Warner:

Ace cricketer David Warner- The man who went never gave up!
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Bravery, calmness, and constancy. Hold on, just a moment. Probably not the best phrase to use. Perhaps confidence in oneself? Yes, confidence in oneself. That most likely fits perfectly.

Above all, here was a man who, having grown up in a Sydney housing commission, personified the adage, “The artist must educate the critic; the critic must educate the public.”

Nevertheless, didn’t it really have to be that way? Warner’s family was so poor when he was ten years old and living in a Matraville apartment that they could not even afford to buy him a cricket bat, much less use it without breaking it and keep it safe from someone stealing the stick.

That’s what shaped him into the person he became as an adult—someone who survived everything. The mentality did not come easily; rather, it emerged from a place where one was never allowed to stand up before being knocked down once more. The child was tough, but it was rough.

Warner had to earn all of it through work. Butter, bread, and sprints. Little Warner eventually learned the meaning of “no” and taught himself not to ask for things he didn’t deserve because nothing in life comes for free. He packed shelves until three in the morning, waking up for school at seven. In addition, he worked as a newspaper delivery boy on the weekends. Christmas gifts were more about giving than receiving.

David’s hard work:

Ace cricketer David Warner- The man who went never gave up!
Image Credits: NDTV Sports

Parenting well meant to provide tough love, and it had a purpose: it pointed the way toward a bright future. He endured the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the pretty, and the not-so-pretty in cricket as well as in life. His tough love parenting made sense, and he battled through it all with a heart as big as his records.

The child’s heart served as both his emotional database and the muscle at the core of his circulatory system. It circulated a lot of faith around his body in addition to blood. Resilience, mental toughness, and an awareness of life’s greater purpose came with faith. It carried away negativity in the same way that it carried away unwanted carbon dioxide. Warner exhibited a wide range of happy emotions rather than holding them inside.

He was just another player who could play a little white-ball cricket, but when he first announced his arrival back in January 2009, he was smashing Dale Steyn, Makhaya Ntini, and Jacques Kallis all over Melbourne and showing glimpses of his unmatched potential.

But he was not your average promising player. He had no idea that he was about to ascend to the highest echelon of cricket artistry. And in each subsequent game he engaged in, heads turned, spines tingled, and excitement surged.

With the passing of time, he transformed from the first Australian cricket player in 132 years without any first-class experience to an uneasy bull.

The rising of the bull:

Ace cricketer David Warner- The man who went never gave up!
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – FEBRUARY 10: David Warner of Australia throws his bat in the air after being dismissed during game two of the International Twenty20 series between Australia and England at Melbourne Cricket Ground on February 10, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

The horns lowered and the nostrils flared. He scored runs purely for amusement. However, controversies also accompanied runs. He received a suspension for the Joe Root altercation and a fine for the Durban stairway altercation. The show, after all, had just begun. Eyes were popping out of the cricket fraternity around Cape Town’s Sandpaper Gate.

Recognizing that he had gone too far, he sobbed as he accepted the consequences. For the remainder of his Australian career, he was barred from leadership roles and prohibited from playing for a full year. Warner had undoubtedly overstepped the mark, but Cricket Australia’s sanctions also did so.

Along with these came boos, bans, headlines, nervousness, and despair. Lots of news stories. Suddenly, the bull was under control.

The hundreds, double hundreds, triple hundreds, World Cups, a T20 World Cup, the World Test Championship, and the festivities were also good things that happened to Warner. And they brought cheers. The process of redemption was finished.

Warner returned the love, and all of a sudden the world adored him once more. It was as though this foolish game both loved him and returned the favour. It was logical. Everybody yearned for a share of Warner.

It was evident that Warner was truly unique when the Sydney man attended a press conference in Adelaide following a magnificent triple ton and was asked about his appalling batting performance in the Ashes away from home. He replied, “Nah, never, never losing that, what kind of a question is that?” with a cheeky smile on his face.

The world did get its wish, and a few years later, Warner did too, walking into a magnificent sunset in front of his loved ones at home in Sydney. What mattered most to him was that he was signing off on his own terms.

David Warner the cricket veteran:

Ace cricketer David Warner- The man who went never gave up!
Credits- ICC Cricket

Cricketer David Warner had a strong sense of self-belief and a desire to entertain while playing cricket. In his final innings of the Test, he concluded in the same manner—pushing the bowler ahead, pacing back and forth, punching, crunching, flashing, reverse-sweeping, reverse-scooping, and grinning.

Whatever the circumstance, you can always count on Warner to be himself. Mostly, if not always, especially during his most recent game where he was running around and making unconventional shots—high-risk, high-reward cricket. In his one and only Test match, Warner was up and running in the most poetic way imaginable.

There was another side to Warner, somewhere between an evangelical reverend and an unruly bull. a tender, sentimental side. Some people love without expecting anything in return; they love without conditions. That was Philip Hughes and David Warner’s relationship. Having spent more than 12 years observing Warner, I can say with some certainty that no day that he spends with the SCG will pass without him bringing up Hughesy.

The image of Warner will live on in the minds of millions if not billions of people. He’s been an inspiration to many in Sydney, Australia, and around the world. Despite coming from a humble upbringing, he managed to succeed in both cricket and life.

Warner may be leaving two of the three formats, but his influence will endure among the children who looked up to him as an idol, his teammates with whom he enjoyed a few beers in the locker room, his opponents with whom he crossed paths, and the supporters who thought he could make a difference. Warner was exactly the kind of symbol cricket needed.

Cricketer David Warner was a hero who inspired others to follow their passions. If a five-foot-five-inch child from a strict Sydney suburb could grow up to be one of the best openers in the history of the game, he made sure to include everyone in the preparatory wave that gave them hope that they could achieve their goals.

So, this was all about the ace cricketer David Warner. Also read, Who is the new MI player Kwena Maphaka?

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