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Top 7 quotes on Cristiano Ronaldo

Top 7 quotes on Cristiano Ronaldo

Top 7 quotes on Cristiano Ronaldo: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro might very well be the most inspirational personality in the history of professional football. While there are a few claims stating him as being not the greatest single footballer of all time, few could argue against the influence he brings into the game. The Portuguese has played with and against few of the greatest players and managers of his era. Let us see what these legends had to say about the iconic Portuguese forward.

“I think he is the most complete player in the world. He can do everything and he always wants to improve.” – Lionel Messi

The other footballer that has shared the limelight in this era along with the Al-Nassr man is Lionel Messi. These two have been part of numerous battles against one another during their times in La Liga. The era in which arguably the two best players in the sport, competing in the same league at the same time for two of the fiercest rivals is something that can never be repeated. The Argentine did have some kind words for his rival.

“For me, Cristiano is one of the best players in history, no ifs or buts. What he’s done year after year, whether at Manchester United, Real Madrid or now at Juventus, is incredible.” – Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane is considered by many to be the most complete midfielder to ever grace a football pitch. The Frenchman guided Cristiano Ronaldo to three back to back champions League titles. The legendary pairing set heights that is hard to beat for perhaps any player-manager duo could.

“He’s a machine. I’ve never seen someone work as hard as him before or after training sessions and games. That’s why he’s been at the top for so many years.” – Sergio Ramos

Perhaps the most influential of Ronaldo’s teammates, Sergio Ramos is a polarising figure to say the least. The Spaniard served as the captain of Ronaldo and Real Madrid for a good part of a decade. Apparently, the centre back admire Ronaldo’s workrate.

“Ronaldo is the most professional athlete I’ve ever seen. His work ethic and dedication to being the best is what separates him from everyone else.” – Rio Ferdinand

From one legendary defender to another, Ferdinand played alongside a young Ronaldo who was making a mark in the sport. Surprisingly, the praise Ferdinand gave suggests Ronaldo’s professionalism at a very young age.

“Cristiano is simply extraordinary. His numbers, which he has managed year after year, are stratospheric. I don’t think they’re replicable by anyone else.” – Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho who is considered among the biggest brains in football also had huge praises for his compatriot. The manager was in awe of the stats and performances Ronaldo put on a consistent basis.

“He’s a freak of nature. To have that level of ability and athleticism combined with that mentality and work ethic, it’s just not normal. That’s why he’s had such a remarkable career.” – Gary Neville

We now move focus to another one of Ronaldo’s senior teammates during his time at Manchester United. Perhaps his praise came in more of a punditry manner in which he highlighted his discipline and mindset.

“Ronaldo is the perfect player. He has it all – speed, power, skill, finishing. And he’s so competitive, a true winner. I don’t think we’ll see anyone like him again.” – Wayne Rooney

Last but certainly not least is the praise of Wayne Rooney. An incredible footballer in his own right, these men brought the best out of each other during their time at Old Trafford together. The Englishman sang praises on his former teammates’ skills and went on to highlight his uniqueness.

It is no surprise, Ronaldo has been praised to this extent by the biggest names in football. Like him or hate him, you can not deny the Portuguese’s greatness. We as football fans should make the most of Ronaldo’s swansong in football.

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