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Tips For Mastering The BJJ Imanari Roll

Tips For Mastering The BJJ Imanari Roll

Known for its ability to swiftly close space and secure leg locks, the BJJ Imanari roll, named after the renowned Japanese MMA fighter Masakazu Imanari, is a dynamic and rather unconventional technique in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The Imanari roll is not a technique best suited for complete novices, but an increasing number of people have been employing it with remarkable effectiveness. This piece attempts to dissect the method and provide insights into how it’s applied in BJJ.

Comprehending The BJJ Imanari Roll

Allow me to clarify what the Imanari roll is before we discuss the technique’s mechanics. Imanari rolls are essentially rolling manoeuvres used to target an opponent’s legs in an attempt to entangle them in some way. Fundamentally, it calls for a combination of technical perfection, timing, and mobility. The technique begins with you standing and entails a quick drop into your back, where you roll in the direction of your opponent’s lower body with the goal of entangling them once again and setting yourself up for leg lock submissions like knee bars or heel hooks.

The Imanari Roll’s Mechanisms

Tips For Mastering The BJJ Imanari Roll

Standing with your back to your opponent, facing them directly, is the beginning posture for the Imanari roll. Maintaining a balanced yet flexible stance that permits a quick level adjustment is essential for a successful entrance. You start the roll by dropping your level, just like in a wrestling move. Step towards the direction of your opponent with the lead leg, which is often your stronger side. Step with your other knee down to the floor to gain momentum that will push you towards and closer to your opponent. Lean forward and roll over the shoulder of the side that is your lead leg as soon as your knee reaches the ground. The role must be precise and controlled, using one of your opponent’s legs as the target.

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Errors Often Made When Applying the Imanari Roll

One typical error that makes leg entanglement difficult is rolling too far away from the opponent. Make sure your roll is tight and aimed towards the legs of your opponent. The roll needs to be continuous and smooth. If the manoeuvre loses momentum, it may become useless. Pay attention to a smooth action that keeps the roll moving quickly. Remember your defence while attempting the Imanari Roll. Recognise potential countermeasures from your opponent and be ready to defend or modify as necessary.

How To Include The Imanari Roll In Your Play?

The Imanari roll may be a terrific surprise move, especially if you’re renowned for a different fighting style. Use it to surprise adversaries. The Imanari roll can be utilised as a transition to new positions or in conjunction with other leg assaults. Try chaining this move with other moves you have in your arsenal. Be ready to modify the tactic in response to your opponent’s actions. This might entail switching to new submissions or making scrambles with the roll.

Creating a mechanism to use the Imanari roll in a safe and regulated way is another piece of advice. This implies that in the case that the Imanari roll is unsuccessful, you can still have a variety of weapons at your disposal by learning tactics that work in tandem with the Imanari roll. We can assure you that once your training partners witness you performing the Imanari roll, they will stop at nothing to keep you from mastering the move.

Acquiring the Imanari roll signifies an understanding of the effectiveness of targeting the legs. It’s clear that having a solid understanding of leg locks—particularly the heel hook—is essential if you want to include the Imanari roll into your technique. It is useless to master the Imanari roll if you are not familiar with leg assaults. Sure, you may use it to sweep the opponent to the ground, but once you reach a leg entanglement, it’s important to know various finishers due to its high-risk, high-reward nature. Before you add the Imanari roll to your toolkit, we advise you to understand the many forms of ashi garami and heel hooks in the current leg lock game.

Tips For The Imanari Roll In Mixed Martial Arts

Tips For Mastering The BJJ Imanari Roll

By utilising feints and setups, mixed martial arts competitors may make the Imanari roll more successful. It may be necessary to fake strikes or attempt various takedowns in order to create space for the roll. You may increase your chances of rolling an Imanari roll significantly by being aware of your opponent’s tendencies and reactions. Use it on them when they least expect a leg assault. Even after mastering the principles, improvement is always possible. Maintain your proficiency and stay current with new iterations and apps as the sport grows.

In summary

The Imanari Roll is evidence of how dynamic and ever-changing BJJ is. While it may not be a basic technique, its potency in the proper hands cannot be overlooked. Gaining a knowledge of the physics of this amazing technique will enable you to include a potent and unexpected aspect into your grappling arsenal.

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