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“That’s Ash Level Thinking” Dravid on Rohit Sharma Retiring

“That’s Ash Level Thinking” Dravid on Rohit Sharma Retiring

Rohit Sharma Retired hurt or Retired out, Rahul Dravid Leaves a Chucklesome Remark

Confusion and controversy swirled around India’s dramatic victory over Afghanistan in the third T20I on Wednesday, with captain Rohit Sharma involving in the Super Over taking center stage.

The issue hinges on whether Rohit retired out or retired hurt in the first Super Over, where India needed two runs from the final ball. He had struck two sixes and a single off the previous three deliveries, leaving Yashasvi Jaiswal on strike. However, just before the last ball, Rohit left the field, replaced by Rinku Singh.

The ICC’s playing conditions for Men’s T20Is state that a batsman dismissed in any Super Over cannot bat in subsequent ones. If Rohit retired out, a tactical move to bring in a faster runner, he would have violated the rule. 

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However, the match officials haven’t clarified his status. If he retired hurt, technically “not out,” he could bat again. This ambiguity has fueled debate.

India coach Rahul Dravid hinted at a tactical retirement, comparing it to R Ashwin’s similar move in the 2022 IPL. “Taking himself out was Ashwin-level thinking, That’s Ash-level thinking,” Rahul Dravid remarked on the strategic move taken by Indian captain Rohit Sharma.

"That's Ash Level Thinking" Dravid on Rohit Sharma Retiring

Afghanistan coach Jonathan Trott expressed confusion, highlighting the lack of communication from officials and the ever-evolving rules in such situations.

“I have no idea,” Trott said. “Has there ever been two Super Overs? That’s what I am trying to say. It’s sort of like a new… we keep setting these new sort of rules. What I am trying to say is we kept testing the rules, we kept testing the guidelines,” Trott added.

Rohit, who scored an unbeaten 121 earlier, returned to bat in the second Super Over after Jaiswal tied the scores. He smashed a six and a four before India ultimately clinched the win.

Rohit Sharma played a crucial role in the match. His boundaries in both Super Overs proved to be the difference between winning and losing. Dravid made a lighthearted remark about the incident.

However, the entire saga remains unclear. The distinction between “retired out” and “retired not out” needs to be clarified, and it’s still uncertain what Rohit’s status was when he left the field.

While the victory stands, the question of Rohit’s status and the clarity of the rules in such scenarios remain unanswered, leaving a cloud of uncertainty over this thrilling encounter.

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