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Ravi Shastri opens up on Hardik vs Rohit Captaincy Debate

Ravi Shastri opens up on Hardik vs Rohit Captaincy Debate

Former India Coach Ravi Shastri has opened up about the much talked about Hardik vs Rohit Captaincy debate. Ravi Shastri feels that the fans backlash towards Hardik Pandya could have been avoided if Mumbai Indians had shown clarity in communication while announcing him as Captain. Shastri advised Pandya to stay calm & shiut the critics with his performances.

“This is not the Indian cricket team that’s playing. This is franchise cricket. They have paid top dollar. They are the bosses. It’s their entitlement as to who they want as captain. Okay, where I think this could have been handled better was with more clarity in communication,” Shastri told Star Sports’ ‘Cricket

Ravi Shastri is in support of Hardik Pandya

Ravi Shastri opens up on Hardik vs Rohit Captaincy Debate

As per Shastri this time too shall pass once Mumbai Indians stars winning fixture. The team is currently are on a three match losing streak & need to bounce back to winning terms. Shastri expects the tide to turn once Mumbai Indians start winning. The team is currently on a three-match losing streak.

Ravi Shastri advised Hardik is to stay calm, patient, and focused on his game. It’s suggested that by delivering a few solid performances, things will start falling into place. Mumbai Indians is acknowledged as a formidable team capable of turning things around with consecutive wins.

Ultimately, it’s emphasized that nothing speaks louder than results. Winning matches will naturally lead to positive changes. The speaker also acknowledges the existence of rumors and fabricated stories, noting that some of them are attributed to individuals, including themselves.

Matthew Hayden also shares his view on Rohit-Hardik Captaincy debate

Former Australia batter Matthew Hayden also felt that fans’ affection for Rohit Sharma is unevitable with his long tenure of 11 year tenure as MI Captain. He explained that fans hold a significant stake in these matters, driven more by their love for players like Rohit Sharma rather than intricate insights into team dynamics. The suggestion is made that perhaps involving Rohit in decisions could have improved the situation.

Hayden believes it’s unjust to judge Pandya based on only three matches. Expressing concerns about Pandya’s leadership, Hayden feels it’s unfair to evaluate him during the early stages of the season, especially considering Mumbai Indians’ traditionally slow start. He emphasizes that Pandya, an iconic figure in Indian cricket, should not be hastily judged based on limited performances. Additionally, Hayden dismisses speculations about team dynamics, noting the lack of concrete information.

Mumbai Indians’ next match is scheduled against Delhi Capitals at the Wankhede Stadium on April 7th.

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