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Poirier Still Disheartened After loss to Gaethje At UFC 291

Poirier Still Disheartened After loss to Gaethje At UFC 291

On Saturday, Dustin Poirier faced Justin Gaethje at UFC 291 for the BMF title. Gaethje knocked Poirier out in the second round with a head kick. It was Dustin’s first knockout loss since 2016, against Michael Johnson. The No. 2 lightweight fighter is still struggling to recover from this loss. On Monday, Dustin stated on the MMA hour that he is so heartbroken and that it all feels useless because he worked very hard for this. The diamond said, “I was in good condition and still lost. But that’s what a fight is. I said this after the fight too”.


Poirier is disheartened after the loss 

He further said that “it sucks because, not taking anything away from Justin, he is a fighter and has done an incredible job living in a deficit for five years. I had to do it with McGregor. I was at a loss for seven or eight years until I finally got the opportunity to get it back. He sat on that loss for five years and got it back. But it sucks because I still think I’m better than him”. 


The Diamond still feels he is better 

Poirier still feels that he is the better fighter than Gaethje, although he admitted that the great shot he got hit with during the fight was not by any luck or coincidence, his opponent landed it perfectly, and Poirier just happened to be a victim of that amazing technique. “The Diamond” also stated that he didn’t protect himself properly but was very aware during the whole fight.


The fighters faced each other in 2018 first 

Poirier and Gaethje first encountered each other in 2018 in a back-and-forth battle. “The Diamond” ended that contest by defeating Gaethje in the fourth round. But this is not the reason Poirier thinks that he is a better fighter than Gaethje. The 34-year-old mentioned that based on how the fight was going before the end and how well he prepared, he still believes this was one of those results.

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