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NY Photographer Encounters Australian Cricketer Stoinis

NY Photographer Encounters Australian Cricketer Stoinis

Photographer’s Chance Encounter with Australian Cricketer Marcus Stoinis and his Girlfriend Sarah Shakes Up Social Media

In today’s age of social media, it is not uncommon for ordinary individuals to gain fame overnight. This time, it was an famous photographer who found himself in the spotlight after offering a free photoshoot to what he believed to be a beautiful Australian couple in New York City. Little did he know that he had stumbled upon none other than Australian cricketer Marcus Stoinis and his partner Sarah.

David Guerrero, a photographer with an impressive 1.1 million followers on Instagram, often shares videos of himself approaching people on the streets of New York City in the hopes of capturing their pictures. His subjects are usually regular citizens going about their daily lives. However, one particular encounter turned out to be far from ordinary.

In a post captioned “street photography with this beautiful Australian couple,” Guerrero approached Stoinis and Sarah with his offer. Initially hesitant, they eventually agreed after seeing a preview of Guerrero’s work. When asked where they were from, the couple responded that they were indeed from Australia.

NY Photographer Encounters Australian Cricketer Stoinis
Photo Credit: Instagram/dgphotoholic

The video quickly went viral among cricket fans who recognized Stoinis and Sarah despite their names not being mentioned in Guerrero’s posts. Fans flooded the comments section, expressing their excitement at the photographer’s chance encounter with cricket royalty.

Australian actor and cricket enthusiast Adam Zwar commented, “Dude not aware he’s photographing royalty.” Another fan praised Stoinis for his humility, saying, “A very famous Australian cricketer, wow! He’s so humble down to earth. Respect!”

While some skeptics questioned whether the photoshoot was staged, Guerrero insisted that he had no prior knowledge of Stoinis’ identity. When asked if he knew who Stoinis was, Guerrero laughed and replied with a simple “No.”

NY Photographer Encounters Australian Cricketer Stoinis
Photo Credit: dgphotoholic

It seems that Guerrero lucked out on his choice of subject as Marcus Stoinis is known for his fun-loving personality and comfort in front of the camera. In the video, Stoinis can be seen strutting and pouting down Prince Street in SoHo, showcasing his charismatic nature.

Stoinis, who recently participated in the inaugural Major League Cricket tournament as a member of the San Francisco Unicorns, is currently enjoying a holiday in New York City. This chance encounter with Guerrero has only added to his popularity among fans, who appreciate his down-to-earth demeanor despite his fame.

As for David Guerrero, he has unwittingly become a viral sensation himself. His genuine approach to street photography and his unintentional encounter with Marcus Stoinis and Sarah have captivated cricket fans worldwide. This serves as a reminder that sometimes, the most extraordinary moments can happen when we least expect them.

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