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Nathan Lyon says he’s 2-0 up against BazBall in the Ashes

Nathan Lyon says he’s 2-0 up against BazBall in the Ashes

Australian spinner Nathan Lyon recently shared his thoughts on England’s style of play, ‘BazBall’, during the Ashes series in 2023. Lyon, who played the first two Tests before succumbing to a calf injury, expressed his opinion that he “didn’t really see BazBall” during his time on the field.

Speaking in an interview on ICC Podcast, Lyon downplayed the hype surrounding England’s aggressive style, questioning its effectiveness against his bowling prowess. Reflecting on his personal experience, Lyon stated, “I’m 2-0 in my Tests against BazBall.”

He reminded everyone that Australia did not lose a Test match in which he played during the Ashes series. Lyon, however, acknowledged the need for an attacking playing style, highlighting the flexibility required to adapt and change gears when necessary.

The Smoke and Mirrors of ‘BazBall’

Lyon skeptically addressed the notion of ‘BazBall’, stating that there seemed to be “a lot of smoke and mirrors” surrounding it. He emphasized the importance of being able to go up and down in gears and understanding the momentum of the game.

Drawing a comparison to the Australian team’s approach, Lyon highlighted the explosiveness of players like David Warner, who has the ability to score centuries in a single session while playing an attacking brand of cricket. Lyon’s remarks suggest that a balanced approach is key to success, rather than a singular focus on all-out aggression.

Australia won both of the Test matches in which Lyon played, adding weight to his statements. While Lyon expressed disappointment at missing out on the later matches due to injury, he remained optimistic about his future prospects.

Nathan Lyon says he's 2-0 up against BazBall in the Ashes
Stuart Broad admiring the courage of Nathan Lyon to bat despite serious injury. Photo Credit: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

A Hunger for the Ashes is Alive in Nathan Lyon 

Despite turning 36 this year, Nathan Lyon’s hunger for the game has only intensified. He expressed a strong desire to return to England for future Ashes encounters, stating, “I’m definitely not joking about going back to the Ashes… the finish line for me hasn’t even popped up in my eyesight yet, I’ve still got a lot of cricket left in me.” This determination and passion demonstrate Lyon’s commitment to representing his country and his ambition to excel on the international stage.

Having experienced success against England, especially against BazBall, Nathan Lyon has reflected first hand experience of facing England’s revolutionised cricket. As he continues to recover from his injury, Lyon’s hunger to compete in future Ashes encounters remains undeterred, he said definitely he will be ready for Ashes 2027 if the opportunity comes.

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