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The Ultimate Fighter 31: Conor face offs Chandler

The Ultimate Fighter 31: Conor face offs Chandler

Cody Gibson defeated Rico Disciullo in the season finale of TUF 31, so now it is official that all four fighters will be competing in the coming Saturday’s finale at UFC 292 and will have members originally from Team Chandler. It caps off an impressive performance on the show for Chandler, who won his first seven fights of the season before Conor McGregor’s fighter, Disciullo, beat Hunter Azure.


A disastrous slip cost the whole fight to Rico  

The Ultimate Fighter 31: Conor face offs Chandler
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Rico wasn’t lucky against Gibson, as a disastrous slip in the first round cost him the fight. The attack attempt was thwarted by DiSiullo’s wobble, and Gibson quickly took advantage of this to grab his opponent’s back and attack with ground strikes. Disciullo attempted to back away and get out of trouble, but Gibson held the position and threw continuous punches and elbows. DiSciullo managed to put Gibson away, but Cody took him down again and secured an arm-triangle choke shortly after.


Coaches McGregor and Chandler faced off 

The Ultimate Fighter 31: Conor face offs Chandler
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After this, Gibson met former Chandler teammate Brad Katona in the bantamweight final, who switched teams earlier in the semi-finals to avoid a training conflict and reunite with McGregor and his longtime coaches. Team Conor fighters Austin Hubbard and Kurt Hollobaugh faced off in the lightweight finals, and at the end of the show, four finalists faced off along with their coaches, McGregor and Chandler.


The two are expected to meet in a welterweight fight, but the date has yet to be decided. Also, the matchup is yet to be made official because of the sexual assault allegation against McGregor, and Notorius is also still dealing with USADA, so his future competitive status is still unclear.


The Final matchup :- 

Austin Hubbard vs. Kurt Holobaugh — lightweight

Brad Katona vs. Cody Gibson — bantamweight

Advanced to semifinals: Roberts, Gibson, Hubbard, Valiev, Katona, Holobaugh, Knight, DiSciullo

Fighters who are Eliminated: Jennerman, Gutierrez, McKenzie, Wells, Vera, Hammond, Quinones, Azure, Roberts, Valiev, Knight, DiSciullo

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