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“Lalit Modi threatens to end my career”, said RCB Player

“Lalit Modi threatens to end my career”, said RCB Player

Former RCB Star, Praveen Kumar made a shocking revelation about IPL’s founder Lalit Modi. In an exclusive interview with Lallantop, Kumar said that during the inaugural season of IPL, he was unwilling to join RCB & wanted to be a part of the Delhi Capitals franchise. His decision didn’t go well with Lalit Modi who reacted in a weird & extreme way.

In a candid conversation, Praveen stated that he initially aimed to play for Delhi Daredevils given his proximity to his hometown of Meerut. However, a twist of fate occurred when an RCB Official handed him a paper which was a binding contract with the Bangalore-based franchise. Confused about the contract, Praveen approached Lalit Modi to clarify the misunderstandings & his desire to play for Delhi.

What RCB Player Praveen Kumar said about the Incident

"Lalit Modi threatens to end my career", said RCB Player
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What happened, quoted as said by Praveen Kumar, “I did not want to play for RCB because Bangalore was quite far away from my place, I didn’t know English, and the food was not to my liking. Delhi is quite close to Meerut, which would have allowed me to travel to my home once in a while. However, there was a person who made me sign a paper. I did not know it was the contract. I told them I wanted to play for Delhi and not Bangalore. Lalit Modi called me and threatened to end my career.”

Kumar highlighted the reason behind not joining RCB. He said that due to the geographical distance from Bangalore to Meerut, his unfamiliarity with the English language, and the unsuitability of the food he wanted to join Delhi Daredevils instead of Bangalore.

Praveen Kumar’s View on the Ball Tampering Issue

In the same interview, Praveen Kumar discussed the topic of ball tampering in cricket. He stated that the unethical practice was common during his playing days. He also highlighted that Pakistan bowlers used to indulge more in the practice of ball tampering because they wanted to master the art of reverse swing. Kumar emphasized the importance of skill in using reverse swing effectively, even after tampering with the ball.

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