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Is Paul still a boxer? ‘He’d win a rematch against Fury’

Is Paul still a boxer? ‘He’d win a rematch against Fury’

Rematch Against Fury: Paul is currently attempting to disassociate himself from the genre of entertainment from which he became known as the arch-YouTuber boxer.

“I’m not in the YouTube boxing world,” he proclaimed. “That entire, ‘tag-team’-style, influencers versus. influencers, weird stuff.

“Three and a half years ago, I had my first fight, and ever since then, I have engaged in combat with either professional athletes or fighters. I am not a part of that world. The finest of the best, the highest level of competitiveness, are all represented on my cards,” he concluded.

“And I believe that’s what others ought to do. They should join the sport; fighting the influences is lovely, of course, but I believe that what’s crucial is that we need to take things more seriously. I have respect for the boxing sport.

“This is a little excessive, with the females flashing and removing their tops in the ring, among other things.”

For others following in his footsteps, Paul has some counsel. “We want more people to pay attention to the sport, but we don’t want it to be a gimmick. So avoid becoming a gimmick. Don’t do things that make you gag,” Paul said.

“Upgrade your skills. Start at the gym if you want to build a name for yourself, advertise yourself, and engage in high-profile bouts. People are unaware of the reason I became so big.

“I said a lot of things and talked a lot, but if I couldn’t back it up, nobody would have cared. That’s why I was the biggest person in the room when I was instantly knocking them out.

“Stop doing these ridiculous PR stunts and concentrate more on your skill level.”

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‘Paul is not a boxer on YouTube. He’s on another level.’ He’d win a rematch against Fury.

Is Paul still a boxer? 'He'd win a rematch against Fury'
Source: DAZN

Paul has faced another boxer Tommy Fury, but overall he has been boxing against a slew of ex-UFC fighters, most recently defeating Nate Diaz.

Joshua Pagan, an undefeated American boxer who won the amateur national championship, trained with Paul. He insisted that Paul should be regarded seriously in terms of his boxing.

“In Puerto Rico, I trained with Jake Paul. He exerts a lot of effort. Pagan praised him as a superb athlete to Sky Sports. “He can fight, without a doubt.

“He basically works hard all the time, day in and day out.”

Paul’s first opponent was a professional boxer named Tommy Fury, who also caused the internet sensation to suffer his first defeat.

“Paul is clearly doing better,”¬†according to Pagan. “He’s teaching someone from the Kronk gym a bunch of new things. Based on all the new things he’s discovering and the attention and determination he’s been displaying, I get the impression that he would defeat Tommy in a rematch.”

Paul is a legitimate fighter, according to Pagan, who contrasts him with KSI, the opponent for Tommy Fury’s upcoming battle.

“I think Jake Paul is a boxer,” Pagan remarked of KSI. “He is a performer. He most definitely competes in YouTube boxing. On YouTube, Jake Paul is not a boxer. He operates at a higher level. He really is a boxer. In a rematch, he’d triumph against Fury.

“I believe Jake Paul would excel beyond KSI. He seems to be on a higher level to me.”

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