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Inside Sunil Chhetri & Virat Kohli candid conversations

Inside Sunil Chhetri & Virat Kohli candid conversations

Sunil Chhetri, the forward and captain of the Indian football team, has represented the sport in his own nation for almost 20 years. Chhetri, who is regarded as one of the world’s most productive forwards, is fourth all-time in international goal scoring, after only Lionel Messi (103), Ali Daei (109), and Cristiano Ronaldo (123). Read on to know all about the candid conversations of Sunil Chhetri & Virat Kohli.

The 38-year-old Indian striker and Virat Kohli, a cricketer famed for his daring batting style, get along well. Both athletes have a reputation for hard work, commitment, leadership, and sportsmanship. In addition, Chhetri and Kohli are renowned for their passion for physical training. However, the former recently discussed another facet of the two’s similarities with the media.

Following India’s thrilling victory over Kuwait in the SAFF Championship final on Tuesday, the Indian Super League released a video of Chhetri discussing his relationship with Kohli and his most treasured exchanges with the batsman. In the conversation, Chhetri remarked, “We talk about very ordinary, stupid, meme kind of things, but there are a few things, very very few things, when I’ve discussed with him or when he does with me about the difficult times in sports.”

Sunil Chhetri & Virat Kohli:

Chhetri added, “Those are some of the most treasured conversations I’ve had with him. A few times where I’ve felt the heat of being who I am and to perform and the few times that he has felt the heat of being who he is and to perform is exactly where we’ve chatted.”

In response to a question regarding their shared love of food, Chhetri said, “Most of the time, we simply joke about and give each other images of Chole Bhature. And it’s incredible how often we’ve drooled over food images. If I showed you our chats, you wouldn’t believe how often we shared food photographs and made each other smile.”

With five goals in the SAFF Championship, the 38-year-old footballer increased his overall record of international goals to 92, but Kohli has left for the Caribbean in preparation for India’s tour of the West Indies. Two Tests, three ODIs, and five T20I games will take place between the two countries in the next cricket series, which starts on July 12, 2023.

So, this was all about the candid conversations of Sunil Chhetri & Virat Kohli. Also read, 5 similar traits of Sunil Chhetri like Ronaldo & Messi.

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