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How much money does a NBA player earn ?

How much money does a NBA player earn ?

Whenever there is talk about the NBA or NBA players, one thing that basketball enthusiasts talk about is the contracts and salaries the players get. Very few know that there are other types of deals that teams use to their advantage. Stars make more money than before, so franchises and their front offices have to be strategic when filling their rosters. Now, vet minimum deals have become common practices, particularly with squads that have multiple star players. For the minimum deal value, it all stems from years of service in the sport. If a player has never made a roster before, his minimum contract is $1.1 million. On the other hand, Veterinarians with 10+ years of experience net $3.1 million on the same type of contract.


Phoenix stands out the most 

There are many NBA teams with minimum deals, but the one that stands out the most is the Phoenix Suns. The team has eight players, which is the minimum among veteran players. This season, Phoenix went full force and traded for Kevin Durant. When the offseason began, he doubled down on mortgaging his future to win now. The Suns also managed to add the All-Star guard to their core when Bradly Beal requested a trade from the Washington Wizards.


The team as amazing players for upcoming season 

After Bradley’s trade, Phoenix had four players making money at the max level. After this, the team had no choice but to fill their roster with minimum contracts. Despite having a small amount, They managed to fill their supporting squad with amazing players. They got Eric Gordon after the LA Clippers released him, and then they signed Bol Bol after he was liberated by the Orlando Magic.


Four players make more than $30 million 

The front office was also able to bring in one of the top shooters in the league this season, Yuta Watanabe. Phoenix is in a class of its own for the upcoming season. Their four players make more than $30 million, and then no other player on the roster makes more than $4 million. In terms of the minimum contract, Gordon is earning the most ($3.1 million), while Bol is earning the least ($2.1 million).

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