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Lionel Messi Saves a 90 Years Old Grandma from Hamas

Lionel Messi Saves a 90 Years Old Grandma from Hamas

The Power of Messi Saves a 90 Years Old Woman from Hamas Gunman

In the quiet Israeli Kibbutz Nir Oz, a serene morning turned into a nightmare for 90-year-old Ester Cunio and her family on October 7. Armed intruders invaded their home, casting a shadow of fear and uncertainty over their lives. Yet, amidst the chaos, a remarkable twist of fate unfolded, centered around the name of a football legend – Lionel Messi.

Ester Cunio, facing the chilling prospect of abduction alongside her loved ones, found an unexpected ally in the mention of her Argentine heritage and her admiration for football, particularly Messi. In a heart-stopping moment, her revelation transformed the demeanor of one of the assailants, offering a glimpse of humanity in a harrowing situation.

Recalling the pivotal exchange with her captor, Ester shared, “I told him that I speak in Argentine, in Spanish. I didn’t understand his language. The Arab language, and I speak poor Hebrew. I speak Argentinean Spanish, so he asks what Argentina is. Then I tell him, ‘do you watch football?’ He said he liked it and I told him I am from Messi’s country.”

Lionel Messi Saves a 90 Years Old Grandma from Hamas
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Hamas Gunman Appeared to be a Admirer of Lionel Messi 

The gunman’s surprising admission of his love for Messi became a catalyst for compassion. In a surreal turn of events, he relinquished his hostility, posing for a photo with Ester and even handing her his gun as a gesture of goodwill.

Despite the momentary relief, Ester’s joy was tinged with sorrow, knowing that her grandchildren remained captive in Gaza. She has since issued a heartfelt plea to Messi, hoping that his influence could extend beyond the football field to secure the release of her imprisoned grandchildren.

Reflecting on her plea, Ester expressed, “If he [Lionel] knows that I mentioned him and was saved, now I would ask for my grandchildren who are locked up there. I would tell him to please pray to God because they are guys worth gold.”


While Messi has yet to officially acknowledge Ester’s plea, her story resonates as a testament to the transcendent power of his name. Beyond the realm of sports, Messi symbolizes hope and solidarity, his influence reaching far beyond the pitch.

Lionel Messi Saves a 90 Years Old Grandma from Hamas
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