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“Will put an X”- Gallinari seeks revenge against Celtics

“Will put an X”- Gallinari seeks revenge against Celtics

NBA Player Danilo Gallinari signed a two-year, $13.3 million contract with the Boston Celtics last year in July, but he wasn’t able to play a single game during his stint. On August 27, during a FIBA World Cup qualifying game with Italy, he tore his ACL, which cost him the last season. After a whole season in rehab, the veteran was sent to the Washington Wizards in June as part of a three-team deal. Gallinari was a Boston Celtics fan growing up, but as he never suited for them, it seems he still has some hard feelings about the trade.


The veteran seeks revenge 

Recently, during an episode of the Italian “A Cresta Alta” podcast, Gallinari stated that he is excited to seek revenge against the Celtics next season. The Italian said, “I can’t wait to play against Boston. When the schedule is revealed, I will put an X on the games we will be playing in Boston against the Celtics”.

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The 34-year-old also updated about the rehabilitation of his knee and said that he is still completing it. However, he plans to be ready by the start of training camp this fall. He is very excited for the new season. He is not ready to play basketball games currently, but his goal is to arrive at the camp when he is 100% ready.


Gallinari has hard feelings for Celtics

The last time Gallinari played the sport was during the 2021–22 NBA season with the Atlanta Hawks. He averaged 11.7 points during that season on 43.4% shooting in 66 games. Danilo has hard feelings towards Boston because he expected to stay with the team next season. During an interview a few weeks ago, he explained how this trade made him upset. According to Danilo, he met with Celtics management just days before the trade was made, and the indications were that he would enter the next season with them.


He faced a tough time 

Gallinari also mentioned how the timing of his injury last year was unfortunate because playing for the Celtics would have given him a great opportunity to win his first NBA title. Wavering injuries have been hard for him, but he will soon be able to play basketball with the Washington Wizards and prove himself.

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