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Conor McGregor unhappy by White’s remarks on Nate Diaz bout

Conor McGregor unhappy by White’s remarks on Nate Diaz bout

Recently, in an interview, MMA superstar Conor McGregor expressed his dissatisfaction over UFC President Dana White’s reluctance to entertain the idea of a trilogy bout with Nate Diaz. “The Notorious” has a long history with Diaz, as their rivalry started back on UFC 196 in March 2016, when The Stockton Slugger” scored a submission victory over McGregor and shocked the world. However, the Irishman got his revenge in an exciting rematch a few months later, defeating Diaz by majority decision in a five-round fight. Both bouts garnered huge attention, with fans eagerly anticipating a possible third bout between the two stars. 


McGregor and Diaz have expressed desire to fight again 

Despite Diaz’s departure from the UFC in September 2022 following the expiration of his contract, there is continued speculation regarding his return to the octagon. While he is currently scheduled to face former UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal in a boxing match in June, the possibility of a trilogy with McGregor remains an attractive prospect. Both McGregor and Diaz have expressed their desire to headline UFC 306. However, Dana White broke the expectations of fans during the UFC 299 post-fight press conference, citing his focus on Mexican fighters. 


The Notorious is disappointed by White’s statement 

McGregor is known for his bold and outspoken nature and he openly showed his frustration at White’s dismissal of a big potential matchup. In a recent interview, he responded to White publicly rejecting his proposed bout against Nate Diaz in Las Vegas. Despite the setback, McGregor expressed satisfaction with Poirier’s recent win over Benoit Saint Denis at UFC 299, noting that it set the stage for the conclusion of a “real trilogy.” He emphasized the importance of their potential matchup, seeing it as the culmination of their competitive history.

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Regarding his proposed fight with Nate Diaz, the former UFC champion reiterated his desire for a trilogy bout, emphasizing that it was his intention for The Sphere event. However, he expressed disappointment at the UFC President’s public rejection of this proposal, indicating that it was not well received on his part. McGregor stated the importance of open communication and discussion to address their interests in potential fights. He highlighted the need for engagement to maintain their enthusiasm and commitment to the sport.

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