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CM Punk referenced Vince McMahon during heated Raw promo

CM Punk referenced Vince McMahon during heated Raw promo

CM Punk returned to WWE on Monday Night RAW and his promo with Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins was a great treat for the audience. On the edge of what was acceptable by WWE standards, the Chicago native did something unexpected and subtly referenced Vince McMahon. Punk and McIntyre went on and on about how much they hated each other and The Scottish Warrior” invited Punk to do commentary for the World Title match at WrestleMania 40. McIntyre wanted Punk to call his moment, as he would ultimately win the big title in front of fans in the stadium. Suggesting that it was not fans of Chicago, Punk hinted that it was someone that no one likes nor trusts, Vince McMahon. 


Punk indirectly mentioned Vince 

He did not use McMahon’s name but said, “Tell everyone who chose you, say his name if you have the balls.” McIntyre just smiled, knowing he was not going to fulfill Punk’s dare and call out Vince during the show. We can assume that WWE intentionally did not want to mention Vince McMahon in any capacity and wanted to distance itself from him as much as possible. It’s unclear what would have happened if CM Punk had said Vince’s name. 


CM Punk will potentially play a role in the world title match 

Punk was wise enough to not mention Vince McMahon’s name, but the fans knew who he was talking about. All three stars involved in the segment took advantage of their opportunities on the mic to take shots at each other and make references to people from the past. They did a good job of not going too far, even though CM Punk came the closest to going overboard.

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The realism and tease of what was going on behind the scenes made it iconic. By the time the promo was completed, there was increased hype surrounding the World Title match, which would now see Punk on commentary. A new layer has been added to the World title match and fans should expect Punk to potentially play a role in the decision. 

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