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Canelo Alvarez responds to Mike Tyson’s criticism

Canelo Alvarez responds to Mike Tyson’s criticism

Undisputed Super Middleweight Champion Canelo Alvarez has given several reasons for not fighting David Benavidez. Now the Mexican fighter has revealed that he wants to fight the interim super middleweight champion. He also responded to criticism from Mike Tyson regarding not accepting the Benavidez fight. For now, Alvarez is set to face off against fellow Mexican Jaime Munguia. Although this matchup has the potential to be a fascinating bout, many fans express disappointment in Alvarez’s choice of opponent, looking forward to a clash with David Benavidez. 


Canelo addressed the issue in a press conference 

Benavidez has long been seen as a leading candidate to challenge Alvarez, with fans eagerly anticipating a showdown between two of boxing’s best pound-for-pound fighters. Amid allegations that Alvarez is intentionally avoiding Benavidez, Canelo addressed the issue during a press conference on Tuesday, stating that he would only consider the idea of facing Benavidez if he was made an attractive offer. 


The Champion will fight Benavidez only if… 

When Alvarez was asked if a face-off with Benavidez would be one of the biggest fights happening in boxing right now, he said, “Maybe but he doesn’t bring anything to the table for me. But if a promoter who I work with offered $150 million or $200 million I will fight tomorrow. That’s the only season I will fight with him.” Despite being the most requested opponent for “Canelito,”  he claims he brings nothing to the table, just 25 pounds more. 


Alvarez’s response to Tyson’s criticism  

The Mexican also responded to criticism from boxing legend Mike Tyson regarding his avoidance of the Benavidez matchup. “Iron Mike” was among the vocal critics who accused Alvarez of avoiding a potential fight with Benavidez, a comment that was raised by many boxing fans. However, Alvarez did not take Tyson’s criticism lightly and responded sharply during a conference, saying, “I’d respect his opinion if he was sober.” 

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