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Can Royal Challengers Bengaluru Find a Finishing Fix?

Can Royal Challengers Bengaluru Find a Finishing Fix?

Royal Challengers Bengaluru is once again having a hard time in IPL. RCB’s lower order has faced challenges in finishing games due to a lack of an experienced finisher, making them vulnerable in closing out matches.

While Royal Challengers Bengaluru boasts a star-studded batting lineup with explosive talents like Kohli, Du Plessis, and Maxwell, the absence of a seasoned finisher in the lower order has been a recurring issue. This weakness has been evident in their gameplay, highlighting the need for a reliable batsman to anchor the innings during crucial moments.

Despite their formidable top and middle order, the lower order’s thin composition has left RCB susceptible to pressure situations where experienced finishers are pivotal. Addressing this gap could significantly enhance RCB’s ability to successfully chase down targets and secure victories in the IPL 2024 season.

Top Order Failure is Mostly a Match Loss for Royal Challengers Bengaluru 

Can Royal Challengers Bengaluru Find a Finishing Fix?
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Royal Challengers Bangalore heavily rely on their star players for success. In matches where these key players underperform, RCB’s chances of winning decrease significantly.

The team’s dependency on their top three batsmen to finish games is evident in their gameplay strategy. Should these star players not deliver, it is highly probable that RCB will face challenges in securing victories.

Royal Challengers Bangalore’s current middle-order composition lacks experience, potentially hindering their performance. Once they had Heinrich Klaasen in their team, the team now relies on Anuj Rawat, Rajat Patidar, and Cameron Green in the middle order.

These players, although talented, require time to settle on the pitch, posing a challenge for RCB as they cannot consistently maintain momentum. This lack of experience and the need for adjustment time could be a significant disadvantage for the team.

Virat Kohli Should Move to Number 3 for the Benefit of RCB 

Virat Kohli’s performance as an opener has sparked debate, with opinions suggesting he should bat at number 3 for better team balance. AB de Villiers has emphasized Kohli’s effectiveness at number 3, highlighting his ability to anchor the innings and be a significant threat to opponents.

While some advocate for Kohli to open due to his preference and skill, others, like De Villiers, believe his impact is more pronounced at number 3.

The discussion extends to the IPL, where Kohli’s role as an opener is scrutinized. Suggestions to reshuffle the batting order, possibly with a middle-order player like Will Jacks opening instead of Anuj Rawat, have been proposed for better strategic alignment within the team.

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