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Martyn shows disbelief that Johnson could defeat him

Martyn shows disbelief that Johnson could defeat him

Recently, Youtuber and Internet personality Bradley Martyn took the internet
by storm when he featured former UFC star Nate Diaz on his recently launched
podcast called “Raw Talk”. During the chat, Bradley took the opportunity to
challenge the former to a fight, which drew the attention of many UFC fans
all over the world.


The YouTuber showed disbelief 

After this podcast, Martyn was seen in a discussion with former UFC heavyweight fighter Brendan Schaub, and the video went viral. The 32-year-old was seen confidently expressing his disbelief that Current Flyweight Champion Demetrius Johnson could beat him in a street fight. Despite Martyn’s sculpted physique, the MMA community is firmly placing its trust in The Mighty Mouse of the UFC.


After watching Bradley’s confidence, many fans have reacted on social media. One of the users wrote, “Johnson Would bend dude in ways he never thought. While the other wrote  “They need to just make it happen and get this guy in a cage and humble him”. 


Bradley got into the argument with Paul  

The YouTuber caused a stir on the internet when he confidently said that he could beat Nate Diaz in a street fight. However, this comment didn’t go down well with Logan Paul, whose brother Jake is preparing to face the former UFC star in a highly anticipated boxing match next month. This also led to a heated argument between Paul and Martyn. The YouTuber also took this matter to Twitter and criticized Logan on several matters. He even challenged him to fight off-camera at his gym.


 Bradley’s tweet said “Logan Paul talking about clicks n views and I’m lame. This coming from the guy who filmed a dead body for views & all of a sudden I’m reaching for views? The same reason you even call me out is for the same purpose…VIEWS. In your own words…”To promote my fight coming up”. But when I did it in my content I’m lame? Also to defend ur brother, you’re the guy who at every turn with KSl you don’t have his back and you own brother even feels as though u don’t.. & that’s from his own words, me wanting to see someone get memed and liking someone can both coexist. AND speaking about clicks and views, fk all that, come to my gym no cameras no content..we can just fight in front of zoo culture.”

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