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Boucher says Rohit Sharma freed from MI captaincy for runs

Boucher says Rohit Sharma freed from MI captaincy for runs

Hardik Pandya has been named the new captain of the Mumbai Indians, sparking curiosity as to why Rohit Sharma was relieved of his position despite his long-standing success with the team.

In a candid interview, Mumbai Indians coach Mark Boucher explained the reasoning behind this decision, which garnered criticism from fans and experts alike.

During his appearance as a guest on the Smash Sports podcast, Boucher was asked, “You’ve replaced Rohit Sharma with Hardik Pandya. What led to that decision?”

“One of the things I’ve always emphasized is the multitude of distractions present at the IPL. There are numerous commitments such as photo shoots and promotional activities that divert attention away from cricket,” Boucher responded.

While it may seem that Boucher is exaggerating the influence of these distractions, they are indeed a significant aspect of such a massive league.

“It’s more about the marketing and various other aspects,” Boucher elaborated.

Acknowledging Rohit Sharma’s admirable leadership qualities, Boucher noted his recent struggles with batting form amidst the demanding responsibilities of captaincy.

“After discussions with the Mumbai Indians team, we felt it was an appropriate time for Rohit to step down from his captaincy role and focus solely on his performance as a player,” Boucher explained.

“We still value him as a player and believe he can contribute significantly without the added pressure of leadership,” he added.

It seems that Rohit Sharma will play a lot freely because the pressure has been taken off from him.


Boucher talked about method, saying “I mean, he’s still going to captain India, so that hype is going to be there. But when he steps into the IPL, maybe just taking that extra bit of pressure off him as a captain, maybe we get the best out of Rohit.”

With the burden of captaincy lifted, Rohit Sharma is expected to play with more freedom and enjoyment.

Discussing his approach, Boucher remarked, “Although he will continue to lead India, we hope that by relieving him of the additional responsibilities in the IPL, we can bring out the best in Rohit.”

“We envision him playing with a smile on his face and spending quality time with his family,” Boucher emphasized.

By alleviating some of the pressure on Rohit Sharma, both on and off the field, the Mumbai Indians aim to maximize his potential and capitalize on the talents of Hardik Pandya, who has showcased his prowess at Gujarat.

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