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3 Wrestling Concepts Every Novice Should Understand

3 Wrestling Concepts Every Novice Should Understand

Wrestling Concepts: One of the most fruitful martial arts in the world is wrestling. Wrestling is still a relatively new sport in some places, but its appeal is developing quickly. It gives you lots of chances to participate in enjoyable tournaments and instils virtues in you that will last the rest of your life, such as persistence, discipline, and hard effort.

There are several wrestling concepts you must grasp in order to get the most out of your training. Your time on the mat will be much more fruitful if you comprehend these ideas.

3 Wrestling Concepts Every Novice Should Understand

The Fundamental Methods And Terminologies

3 Wrestling Concepts Every Novice Should Understand

Acquiring these techniques is the cornerstone of your wrestling career. You can go to the more complex methods if you know how to execute these moves correctly. Wrestling’s fundamental manoeuvres include:

  • Penetration: The first thing you do while trying to score on your opponent is the penetration step.
  • Stance: On the mat, your stance refers to your posture. In wrestling, staggered and parallel stances are frequently employed.
  • Level Change: This is the movement of your hips when you try to execute a takedown or block one.
  • Neutral Position: The starting position for every match is known as the neutral position. You align your shoulders squarely in front of your opponent.
  • Takedown: This is any move that starts in a neutral posture and ends with your opponent on the canvas.
  • Reversal: Any move that enables you to swiftly transition from a defensive to an offensive posture is referred to as reversal.
  • Referee’s Position: The position known as the referee’s position is when one wrestler takes the top spot and the other takes the bottom spot.
  • Breakdown: This is a move used to knock your opponent to the ground while the referee is in position.
  • Escape: This is a move used to get away from the opponent and return to a neutral position from the bottom referee’s position.

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2) Fundamental Guidelines for Scoring

3 Wrestling Concepts Every Novice Should Understand

Wrestling involves a lot of competition, and you will probably attend your first tournament while you are still learning the fundamentals. Having a solid understanding of match scoring enables you to create strategies that work.

To beat the other wrestler is the aim of the match. The match is instantly ended and the winner is the contestant who received the pin if either one of the competitors does. After three two-minute intervals, points are tallied if neither competitor is able to obtain a pin. When several movements are performed successfully during a match, points are awarded. Competitors also receive points when an opponent violates the rules.

The following are the primary scoring guidelines:

  • A fall or pin results in the match’s termination.
  • Takedowns that succeed get two points.
  • Escapes are worth one point.
  • Reversals that are successful get two points.
  • An unsportsmanlike act gives the opposition a point.
  • An unlawful hold awards one point to the opposing team.
  • The opponent receives a point for needless roughness.
  • Stalking results in a warning, which is followed by an opponent point. Disqualification occurs after the sixth delaying infraction.

3) The Value Of Physical Health

3 Wrestling Concepts Every Novice Should Understand

Achieving optimal physical health enables you to realise your greatest potential. It is simpler for you to defend against actions that are made against you if you are in good physical condition. Having strong cardio enables you to stay on the mat and continue making wise choices while your opponent, tired, seeks an escape route.

The following are crucial actions that you should do to enable yourself to wrestle as effectively as possible:

  • Rest: Getting enough good sleep is just as important as working out frequently. Sleep is when your body heals itself most, and your brain requires eight hours a night on average to completely recharge. Without a doubt, not getting enough sleep will affect how well you perform on the mat. It will also make it more difficult for you to pick up new skills during practice sessions.

    After all of your training, make sure you take some time to relax. Make an effort to set aside at least two days a week for rest and no strenuous exercise. Over time, consider taking a week or two off every six months to allow your body to recuperate from all of the efforts you’ve been putting in.

  • Cardio: If you want to succeed as a wrestler, you must increase your endurance. Your heart must be able to withstand prolonged, high-intensity physical activity. Before you enter your first competition, you should be able to run, swim, or ride a bicycle for at least forty minutes at a moderate pace.
  • Strength Training: As your competition gets more formidable, strength training can provide you with the advantage you need. Squats and bench presses are two examples of complex workouts that target big muscular groups in the legs and chest, respectively.

    When you lift weights, strength training should be your main priority. For every exercise, aim for 10 to 12 repetitions and around three sets.

  • Nutrition: Being aware of the effects food has on your body might help you in the ring. Make sure you get an adequate amount of the essential nutrients and maintain a healthy balance of the required dietary categories. Additionally, make sure you drink enough water throughout the day.

These are the 3 wrestling concepts every novice should understand. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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