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12 MMA Fighters With Insane Muay Thai Techniques

12 MMA Fighters With Insane Muay Thai Techniques

For fans, MMA is a thrilling sport. Mixed martial arts appear to gather audiences of individuals from many backgrounds and martial arts interests because of their distinctiveness. The combination of Muay Thai Techniques and boxing-based hitting, as well as conventional kicking and, of course, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, distinguishes it from any other martial arts discipline.

MMA athletes with a solid Muay Thai background often make for an exciting contest. With powerful striking, sweeps, and the clinch, you’re bound to find excitement no matter who they’re up against. The genius of MMA is that it allows different sorts of fighters to pit their abilities against warriors who are differently trained and similarly equipped.

Here are 12 MMA competitors with the most lethal Muay Thai Techniques talents.

1) Donald Cerrone

12 MMA Fighters With Insane Muay Thai Techniques
Source: The Athletic

Donald Cerrone, known for his demeanour and his moniker “Cowboy,” is unquestionably one of the top Muay Thai fighters in MMA today. His early experiences in kickboxing, boxing, and Muay Thai surely stayed with him as he progressed into other martial arts.

He eventually made his way into the MMA scene, where he proceeded to demolish his opponents with his dynamic, strong, and well-honed Muay Thai attacks. He is a well-rounded fighter having a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a good degree of Muay Thai hitting.

2) Joanna Jedrzejczyk

12 MMA Fighters With Insane Muay Thai Techniques
Source: Skysports

Joanna began training in Muay Thai as a teen. She polished her Muay Thai techniques long before venturing into the realm of MMA, where she won the UFC women’s strawweight title. Her striking is excellent, with tremendous force and heavy combos frequently used, resulting in her just overpowering her opponents.

Aside from her striking ability, she is deadly in the clinch, allowing her to effortlessly overpower her opponents. While her MMA career has been extremely successful, much of that success can be attributed to her high-level Muay Thai talents.

3) Edson Barboza 

12 MMA Fighters With Insane Muay Thai Techniques

This warrior began fighting at an early age. He had a lot of success after starting Muay Thai at the age of eight and progressing swiftly into the competition. He rapidly became a fan favourite in MMA for his dynamic striking and exceptionally precise, strong, and skilled kicking. His Muay Thai background is clear throughout each MMA bout, and he has a slew of UFC knockout victories under his record.

4) Jose Aldo 

12 MMA Fighters With Insane Muay Thai Techniques
Source: Sky Sports

Jose Aldo is an MMA fighter with extensive expertise in many martial arts. He began in Capoeira and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu before transitioning to mixed martial arts. He began his MMA career with an incredible number of knockouts and quickly became known for his Muay Thai pounding. His leg kicks are powerful and effective, and his overall understanding of Muay Thai has been invaluable to his MMA career.

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5) Demetrious Johnson
12 MMA Fighters With Insane Muay Thai Techniques
Source: Sportsnet

Demetrious is widely recognised as one of the greatest pound-for-pound fighters in MMA history. He’s a well-rounded fighter, and his Muay Thai striking is no exception. His strikes are accurate and quick, and “Mighty Mouse” can easily move between an orthodox and a southpaw posture while shredding his opponents with his superb Muay Thai striking.

When his Muay Thai skills are combined with his outstanding Jiu-Jitsu abilities, it’s simple to understand why he’s often considered as the best MMA fighter of all time. He won the UFC Flyweight World Championship and set a record by defending it an unprecedented 11 times. He is also the current ONE Flyweight World Champion.

6) Wanderlei Silva

12 MMA Fighters With Insane Muay Thai Techniques
Source: IMDb

Wanderlei Silva is a fantastic MMA fighter that has competed in both Pride and the UFC. He owns a number of records inside the Pride organisation, including the most victories and the most knockouts.

Silva, who began training in Muay Thai techniques at the age of 13 and then moved on to Vale Tudo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, is a well-rounded MMA fighter with strong Muay Thai abilities who frequently hits stunning knee strikes from the clinch during his fights.

7) Mauricio Rua

12 MMA Fighters With Insane Muay Thai Techniques
Source: MiddleEasy

Mauricio Rua is a mixed martial artist with a high-pressure striking technique. His exceptional Muay Thai hitting powers are usually accompanied with a tremendous amount of forward momentum. His performance is both forceful and explosive.

He is a versatile combatant with excellent Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills. His Muay Thai knowledge allows for thrilling fights, and he has 21 knockout wins in his MMA career.

8) Martin Kampmann

12 MMA Fighters With Insane Muay Thai Techniques
Source: Fighter Centre

Martin Kampmann began honing his Muay Thai skills at a young age, competing in amateur Muay Thai competitions before progressing to other disciplines and, eventually, MMA. Despite this, when he converted to MMA, he kept the foundations of his technical Muay Thai and integrated it with his Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling. After retiring, he continued to teach mixed martial arts to others.

9) Thiago Alves

12 MMA Fighters With Insane Muay Thai Techniques
Source: UFC

This Brazilian-born boxer began training in Muay Thai to just get in shape. Thiago’s fitness outlet rapidly turned into a passion and a stepping stone into the world of mixed martial arts. He scored a remarkable TKO victory over Matt Hughes, which was fueled by a flying knee and powerful punches on the ground, and he used Muay Thai to conclude the fight.

His diverse and well-built Muay Thai game excels in the realm of mixed martial arts, as seen by an incredible record of 13 knockout victories.

10) Duane Ludwig 

12 MMA Fighters With Insane Muay Thai Techniques
Source: MMA Mania

Duane Ludwig’s teenage beginnings in Muay Thai led to a run of successful amateur fights, earning him multiple Muay Thai national and regional titles and putting him on the path to bigger battles. He continued to demonstrate exceptional Muay Thai abilities when he converted to professional Muay Thai, earning multiple championships and belts along the way.

His transition to MMA was rather seamless, and as he retained his technical Muay Thai striking talents, he finally landed and earned one of the fastest knockouts in UFC history, demonstrating his remarkable Muay Thai striking within the framework of MMA.

11) Christian Lee

12 MMA Fighters With Insane Muay Thai Techniques
Source: Evolve MMA

Christian Lee hails from a martial arts family that includes both of his parents having numerous black belts and his sister becoming the world’s youngest MMA champion. He has championships in several sports, including MMA, BJJ, and Pankration.

His MMA career has been littered with knockouts and TKOs. His outstanding striking is obvious throughout his fights, from spectacular elbows to heavy strikes. Lee recovered the ONE Lightweight World Championship at Ok versus Lee II.

12) Rafael Dos Anjos

12 MMA Fighters With Insane Muay Thai Techniques
Source: DAZN

This fighter has won world titles in the UFC, Fury FC, and the Mundials BJJ World Championships. His well-rounded approach to fighting has helped him succeed in his MMA career.

While Muay Thai was not his first martial art, he jumped in headlong and quickly developed his distinctive aggressive hitting technique in the ring, as proven by several knockouts. Dominating rounds while fighting a torn MCL, as well as a famous 66-second TKO victory against Cerone, made him a notable striker in MMA.

Muay Thai is an excellent resource for individuals seeking the greatest striking choices to include in their MMA game. It offers a well-rounded approach to striking with the “8 limbs” and is the ideal MMA supplement to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. If you want to see some excellent Muay Thai in the sport of mixed martial arts, go no further than these athletes.

So these are the 12 MMA Fighters With Insane Muay Thai Techniques. Let us know in the comment section what you think.

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