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Spain vs Zambia: Preview, Analysis and Prediction

Spain vs Zambia: Preview, Analysis and Prediction

Spain vs Zambia
Women’s World Cup
Group C
26th July 2023
Eden Park

Preview, analysis and predictions for the Group C Women’s World Cup fixture between Spain and Zambia.

Spain form analysis

On 6th April, in Ibiza, Spain faced Norway and achieved a commendable 4-2 victory. This match highlighted Spain’s attacking capabilities as they skillfully scored goals against a formidable opponent.

Continuing their winning streak, on 11th April, Spain played against China in Ibiza, securing a comfortable 3-0 victory. The match demonstrated Spain’s ability to control the game and maintain clean sheets, showcasing their all-around skills.

In a friendly match against Panama on 29th June in Avilés, Spain displayed their dominance with an astounding 7-0 win. This result underscored their capability to dominate weaker opponents and showcase their proficiency in scoring.

Further proving their strength against strong European teams, on 5th July, Spain faced Denmark in Gladsaxe and achieved a solid 2-0 victory.

In an unofficial friendly on 14th July, Spain played Vietnam in Auckland, New Zealand, and achieved a remarkable 9-0 win. This result showcased Spain’s attacking strength and their ability to score goals abundantly.

Finally, in a crucial World Cup group stage game on 21st July in Wellington, Spain faced Costa Rica and secured a convincing 3-0 victory. This result demonstrated Spain’s ability to perform exceptionally well in high-stakes matches against international opposition.

Zambia form analysis

Zambia’s recent matches have shown a mix of results, indicating both their strengths and areas for improvement.

Facing South Korea twice in April, Zambia experienced challenging matches, losing 5-2 and 5-0. These outcomes highlight difficulties in their defense, indicating potential struggles against strong opponents.

In June, Zambia secured a narrow 1-0 victory against Tanzania, showcasing their ability to win close matches against regional opponents.

Their friendly against the Republic of Ireland resulted in a close 3-2 defeat in Dublin, illustrating Zambia’s competitiveness against European teams.

A high-scoring draw against Switzerland revealed Zambia’s attacking capabilities, but also exposed vulnerabilities in their defense.

In an impressive display, Zambia secured a commendable 3-2 victory against Germany in a friendly, showing their ability to perform well against strong European teams.

However, in their World Cup group stage match against Japan on 22nd July, Zambia suffered a heavy 5-0 defeat.

Spain vs Zambia: Predictions

Spain delivered a convincing win against a stronger Costa Rican side. Meanwhile, Zambia were crushed at the hand of the Japanese. All stats point towards a win for Spain. I expect a dominant and historic win for Spain, in a high scoring game.

Spain to win both halves.

Over 5 goals.

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