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New Zealand vs Norway: Preview, Analysis and Prediction

New Zealand vs Norway: Preview, Analysis and Prediction

New Zealand vs Norway
Women’s World Cup
Group A
20th July 2023
Eden Park

New Zealand: Preview

New Zealand is heading into their next game with a mixed run of results in recent games. Based on their recent performances, New Zealand’s form appears to be somewhat inconsistent. While they have shown resilience and defensive solidity in some matches, they have also faced challenges against strong opponents. The upcoming game will require them to address their defensive weaknesses and aim for more efficiency in front of goal.

New Zealand’s strengths lie in their defensive organization and ability to compete against higher-ranked teams. However, they need to work on their attacking efficiency and capitalize on scoring opportunities to secure positive results.

With determination and tactical adjustments, New Zealand has the potential to put on a competitive display and secure a positive result in their upcoming game.

Norway: Preview

Norway is heading into their next game after a series of competitive matches in their recent outings. Based on their recent performances, Norway has shown mixed form. While they secured wins against Uruguay and held France to a draw, they also suffered defeats against Denmark and Spain. The draw against Sweden showcased their ability to compete and score goals.

Norway’s strengths lie in their attacking options, as demonstrated by their ability to find the net in several matches. However, they need to address their defensive vulnerabilities to ensure a more solid performance in upcoming games.

With the talent and potential within their squad, Norway has the ability to compete at a high level. By addressing their defensive weaknesses and capitalizing on scoring opportunities, they have a strong chance of securing a positive result in their upcoming game.

Head-to-head analysis

Based on their head-to-head record, Norway Women have generally had the upper hand against New Zealand Women. They have secured victories and displayed a superior goal-scoring ability. However, New Zealand has shown resilience and managed to secure positive results against Norway on occasion.

When analyzing their performances, it is evident that both teams possess strengths and competitiveness. Norway’s ability to score goals and control matches has been a key factor in their success. On the other hand, New Zealand has showcased defensive resilience and the ability to grind out results against stronger opponents.

Norway will aim to maintain their dominance and goal-scoring prowess, while New Zealand will seek to improve their defensive solidity and capitalize on scoring opportunities.

New Zealand vs Norway: Prediction

Asian handicap: -1.50 Norway @ 1.90 odds

Clean sheet: Norway @ 1.80 odds.

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