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Yuzi Chahal’s wife Dhanashree reveals how she met him

Yuzi Chahal’s wife Dhanashree reveals how she met him

Initially speaking on the internet, Yuzvendra Chahal invited Dhanashree Verma to attend dancing lessons. Yuzvendra Chahal, an Indian cricketer, is most recognised for his ability to trick hitters with his spin bowling. But off the pitch, the leg-spinner also succeeded in capturing Dhanashree Verma, who is now his wife. Both Chahal and his wife Dhanashree revealed everything about their relationship. In an unheard-of admission, the couple details everything from how they first met to the moment they chose to be married. Even Yuzi Chahal’s wife Dhanashree acknowledged in an interview that she was unaware that her husband played cricket for India before they met.

Chahal asserted that it was during a conversation on The Ranveer Show that he first messaged Dhanashree about learning dance.“After watching her dance on TikTok and several other reels, I DM’d her. Since I had nothing to do in Lockdown, I enquired as to whether she offered classes. I wished to broaden my knowledge. I messaged her, and then we began taking classes online. We just spoke about dance for the first two months. I didn’t even try to flirt. We simply spoke about dance; we are not even buddies,” he claimed.

Yuzi Chahal’s wife Dhanashree:

The India spinner expressed his shock at Dhanashree’s vivacity, which she maintained throughout the horrible Covid lockdown. She impressed Chahal with the way she made him feel, so he decided to propose to her.

He admits, “I wondered how she could be so happy throughout the lockdown. She then began to discuss her life. That’s when we started talking to one other. Her vibes were appealing to me. She is an independent lady, just like I am. I informed my mother about her and how much I like her.”

“I then told Dhanashree that I wanted to marry her rather than date her. That was the first thing I said. I was certain. We spoke frequently.” he admitted.

Meet Cute:

When Dhanashree was questioned about Chahal, she described him as an extremely devoted student who would put a lot of effort into whatever homework was assigned to him. She expressed her admiration for Chahal’s goodness and candour.

Dhanashree reveals, “I’ve always liked those who are enthusiastic about what they do. He made his India debut after I quit watching cricket, which was a long time ago. That, in my opinion, is a pretty positive thing. I had no idea who Yuzi Chahal was when he messaged me to say that he wanted to attend dancing courses. I appreciated how passionate he was about dance. He would practise whenever I gave him assignments. He used to send videos inquiring about volunteer opportunities. Due to this, the lessons lasted a full two months.”

She added, “I admired him for his decency. No one does that, she stated on the show, about the way he interacted with him as a student and with me as a friend.” Dhanashree agreed that the fact that Chahal asked her for marriage right away had a big impact at a time when individuals tend to think about their options.

“Everyone can easily explore possibilities and socialise with more individuals. He stated clearly, “I want to marry you.” I was never under any pressure to get married. Everything in my life was going well, and I was extremely happy,” she stated.

So, this was all about Yuzi Chahal’s wife Dhanashree. Also read, Murali Karthik trained actor Saiyami Kher for the Ghoomer film.

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