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When Yuvraj Singh Touched Sachin’s Feet

When Yuvraj Singh Touched Sachin’s Feet

Sachin Tendulkar is held high in regard by his fans and teammates. Even after his retirement, he still receives the same respect in public. He is often regarded as the “God of Cricket” by millions of Indian cricket fans. Let us relieve the day when Yuvraj Singh Touched Sachin’s Feet. Scroll down to read Sachin’s Fan Moment: When Yuvraj Singh Touched Sachin’s Feet.

When Yuvraj Singh Touched Sachin’s Feet

There are greats in the sport of cricket, and then there is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. A new generation of cricketers have been inspired by the guy who single-handedly kept the Indian Cricket team competitive throughout the 1990s, and if last night’s performance is any indication, Yuvraj is unquestionably one of them.

Regarding respect and reverence, one instance that stands out is when Yuvraj Singh went above and beyond by caressing Sachin Tendulkar’s feet during a game. This occurred in 2014 while the Lord’s Cricket Ground was celebrating its 200th anniversary. The contest was played between Rest of the World (ROW) and Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC).

MCC was led by Sachin Tendulkar, and Yuvraj Singh was a starter for ROW under Shane Warne’s captaincy.

Yuvraj Singh batted superbly in the game on July 5, 2014, which took place at Lord’s. Yuvraj scored 132 runs while batting first, helping his team’s total of 293 to be competitive. After Tendulkar finished bowling the 41st over of his brilliant performance, Yuvraj went over to the legend and touched his feet. The Lord’s audience cheered enthusiastically after that.

The heartwarming moment in the video below occurs around 0:28. Tendulkar responded to Yuvraj’s gesture by giving the centurion a warm pat on the back.

In response to ROW’s total, the Indian Little Master hit 44, which included a 107-run partnership with Australian batsman Aaron Finch. To lead MCC to a resounding victory, Finch went on to collect an unbroken 181 points.

During the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2015, Yuvraj used the same gesture. Yuvraj has frequently praised Tendulkar for his career-related advice and assistance. Both players helped India win the World Cup in 2011.

Yuvraj also mentioned that the Indian legend’s words inspire him to work hard to get a spot on the national team.

Sachin Tendulkar Fan Moment

The cricketing prowess of Sachin Tendulkar has brought together admirers from all around the world, creating an unbreakable tie that will last as long as his career. Tendulkar’s name is closely associated with cricket everywhere from the crowded streets of Mumbai to the calm lanes of London. Numerous aspiring cricketers have been motivated by his miraculous strokes, outstanding technique, and unwavering attitude, and even people who may never pick up a bat have been affected by him.

Tendulkar’s universal appeal is enhanced by his humility, grace, and approachability off the pitch in addition to his outstanding abilities on the pitch. He is the pinnacle of cricketing genius and a genuine personality. His every action, be it signing autographs for young fans or participating in humanitarian activities. Watch the video to see Sachin Tendulkar’s (“The God of Cricket”) best fan moments.

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