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What Is Blind Cricket? Know About The History And Gameplay

What Is Blind Cricket? Know About The History And Gameplay

What Is Blind Cricket? The game that connects people all over the world, cricket, is more than simply a game; it’s an emotion. Because it is non-participatory, this game offers equal opportunities for gatherings for any individual on the planet, which is its greatest feature. Cricket is another sport that allows those with impairments to try their hands. The greatest example of blind individuals playing a game with love and dedication is blind cricket. 

Even though the game differs significantly from traditional cricket, it is visually identical since players employ the same strategies and concepts, particularly when batting. The world’s most popular game for the blind is one with a long history. So let’s dive in and learn everything there is to know about this beloved game.

What is blind cricket?

A variant of the popular game of cricket called blind cricket, or visually impaired cricket, is designed specifically for those who are blind or visually impaired. It’s an exciting game that never lets players’ vision impairments dampen their enthusiasm for it. In this game, excellent hearing, sensing, and focus are always gathered together.

What Is Blind Cricket? Know About The History And Gameplay
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Historical Origin and Evolution of Blind Cricket

The thrilling game was created in Melbourne in 1922 by two vision-impaired industrial workers. These two workers used a tin can with rocks inside to invent a game. In the same year, the Victorian Blind Cricket Association was established to advance blind cricket. The first of them was built in its original location, Melbourne, later in 1928.

The pinnacle of cricket, test cricket, was entered by blind cricket in 2000. The game’s initial two participating countries in the test format were Pakistan and South Africa. In the first-ever test match in the history of blind cricket, South Africa prevailed.

The World Blind Cricket Council, or WBCC, was established in September 1996 with the primary objective of advancing the game globally. The inaugural Kanishka World Cup Cricket for the Blind, held in New Delhi in 1998, marked a significant milestone for the sport of blind cricket. 

After crushing Pakistan to win the first World Cup in 1998, South Africa achieved glory. Now Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, the West Indies, and Nepal are the 10 full members of the squad.

What Is Blind Cricket? Know About The History And Gameplay
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Rules of Blind Cricket

  • The team needs four players who are partially sighted, three players who are partially blind, and four players who are entirely blind.
  • The hitter is blind, so the bowler has to yell “play” as he releases the ball to him.
  • A batter who is blind must receive a ball that bounces twice without rolling.
  • Batsmen who are blind must be given out on being LBW twice rather than being dismissed by being stumped. 
  • It is also acceptable for fielders who are blind to accept a catch on the bounce.
  • Equipment for the Game

    What Is Blind Cricket? Know About The History And Gameplay
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In blind cricket, it is not necessary to adhere to the rules; the bat is typically used like in a regular game.


With a ball bearing inside that allows the player to identify the ball, the ball used in blind cricket is marginally larger than a regular cricket ball.


Because the metal stumps in this game are fixed, it is easy for participants to understand how to dismiss a batter. Compared to typical stumps, these are a little bit taller and wider.

How Blind Cricket is Played?

The team that scores the most runs wins in every variation of the game, which is played using the same vocabulary and principles. The hitter attempts to hit the ball in an attempt to score a run while the bowler bowls the underarm ball and yells “Play.” The rectangular area where the game is played has a limit of no more than fifty yards.

Blind Cricket Tournaments

Blind Cricket World Cup

This important event takes place every four years. There have been five tournaments thus far, with India winning the first ODI World Cup. The 2026 World Cup is the next event on the program.

Blind T20 World Cup

This shorter format was initially introduced in 2012 and instantly became well-liked. There have been three seasons, with India being victorious in each. It is anticipated that the next T20 World Cup will take place in 2026.

Regional Tournaments

Numerous regional competitions are held, such as the Asia Cup, the European Blind Cricket Championship, and the National T20 Cricket Tournament for the Blind. These leagues play a critical role in bringing in sponsorships, enhancing facilities, and building a long-term ecology for blind cricket.

What Is Blind Cricket? Know About The History And Gameplay
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Blind cricket has been dispersing its roots globally. Numerous associations have been working to improve the game globally over time. Although blind cricket for males has advanced significantly, women’s blind cricket still needs to be promoted. Though still in its infancy, women’s blind cricket is poised for significant growth thanks to events like the present “IndusInd Bank Women’s National T20 Cricket Tournament for the Blind” in India. 

Increased participation and awareness are necessary to highlight the incredible skills of female blind cricket players and to promote gender equality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Blind Cricket

What Is Blind Cricket? Know About The History And Gameplay
Credit: The Financial Express

What is the ball used in blind cricket?

The ball used is larger and filled with ball bearings to make it audible.

What are the wickets like in blind cricket? 

The wickets are taller than in regular cricket.

What is the pitch like in blind cricket? 

The pitch is shorter than in regular cricket.

Who governs the rules of blind cricket?

The rules of the game, also known as visually impaired cricket, are governed by the World Blind Cricket Council (WBCC).

So, as discussed above, this was all about blind cricket. 

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