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TV celebs on their favourite IPL teams & players – IPL 2020

TV celebs on their favourite IPL teams & players – IPL 2020

The much anticipated Indian Premier League has begun, and cricket fans around the nation are prepared to see yet another thrilling cricket match! We questioned your favourite stars about their excitement for the game and who they are rooting for throughout the IPL season as everyone finds time to see their chosen side in action for the match. actors from television discuss their preferred IPL teams and players.

Actors on their fav IPL teams & players:


Vijayendra Kumeria-   

“We haven’t enjoyed cricket in a very long time, so I’m excited. IPL games are usually a lot of fun to watch. Choosing a favourite team is never easy because all of your favourite players are on different teams, but this time I’m sure, that I’m going with the Chennai Super Kings for Dhoni and other apparent reasons. Even during commercial breaks, I never change the channel because I believe that if I do, the game just changes. You could call this superstition.”

Subuhii Joshii-  

“I always enjoyed watching IPL with my friends. We used to go out to the Lounges to enjoy the matches. However, this epidemic will prevent that from occurring this year. Due to the matches being in the UAE, I used to go to the stadium for at least one game. This time, however, I am unable to do so. I’ll watch the game at home this time with just a few close friends in order to maintain my social distance. 

I’ve always been a huge supporter of Mumbai Indians, and this time too I’ll be supporting them. When it comes to matches, I’m very superstitious, I wear my lucky colour on the day of my favourite team’s match, and I do not touch the remote or change the channel before their inning. Hardik Pandya and Rohit Sharma would be my fav IPL players. “

Saanand Verma-  

“Recently, I spent five lakh rupees on a 65-inch television. I acquired the Oled TV specifically to watch the IPL because I want to see Mahendra Singh Dhoni play. Also, I am a huge admirer of MS Dhoni, and I learned that he is retiring and will only play in the IPL. I mistakenly believed that we could only see the renowned Mahendra Singh Dhoni play cricket during the IPL.

We are unable to visit the stadium because of the pandemic, so I purchased a large television to give the impression that I am watching a game there. For people like me who are not in great financial shape, purchasing such an expensive TV is a pretty huge commitment. Additionally, due to Corona, many”

Rohit Chaudhary-  

“Finally, the IPL is happening, fulfilling our ambition. Indians can now enjoy some amusement. All Indians actually enjoy playing cricket. And I’m really thrilled about it. I watch cricket at the stadium every year because it has a completely different atmosphere there. Having said that, it is also incredibly exciting to watch the IPL on television thanks to this Covid. The stadium cricket matches will be missed by me.

I always root for the Mumbai Indians, but Virat Kohli is my favourite cricketer due to his incredible energy. He always offers everything they have. Additionally, he is a cricketer. He is a versatile player. Because there is no audience, the contests are taking place.”

Sharad Malhotra-

“I adore the IPL’s attitude and the madness that goes along with it! I like watching cricket, therefore I do. The best entertainers in India are shows and cricket. I’ll watch the game as much as my schedule will allow! Mumbai Indians are my favourite team, however this time, MS Dhoni will be the focus. I’ve enjoyed watching him perform, and it will be incredible to witness him work his magic once more.”

Jasmin Bhasin-  

“I adore cricket. I would want to watch cricket all day, but sadly my filming schedule prevents it. Also, I will undoubtedly be watching the IPL this year. Moreover, I believe it is crucial to express support in the spirit of the game even though it is not taking place in India and we will miss the craziness of the stadium throng! I will root for the Mumbai Indians and support them! Naturally, I hope that the pandemic ends soon. Nothing compares to the thrill of having our very own IPL in India and not in some other country, thus the following season takes place.”

Kettan Singh-  

“I like to watch cricket. I try to stay up to date with it, but on days when I am unable to watch, I am content with the highlights. Also, I feel awful about the fact that India won’t host the IPL this year. However, everyone’s health and safety come first, thus it is important to avoid crowds at all costs. I adore MS Dhoni’s playing. Thus, I will support him this time. I don’t have a favourite team, but I will cheer as loudly as I can for Mahi. I hope I can find time to see all the matches!”


For the unversed, IPL is one of the biggest sporting tournaments in India. It has created a huge fandom in India. The Indians celebrate this cricket tournament as a unified festival. In a diverse country, IPL is the glue that brings everyone together each year.

So, these were your favourite Television actors on IPL. Get more updates on your favourite sports and news at Sports Sermon. Also read, #TB to Brutal memes of Hardik Pandya & Natasha’s pregnancy.

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