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Top 5 easy exercises of Virat Kohli to build strength

Top 5 easy exercises of Virat Kohli to build strength

Few Indian cricketers are capable of competing with Virat Kohli on and off the pitch. The former captain of the Indian team, who went from being a scrawny kid to a strong beast, has set a new standard for athletic fitness by setting an example for others to follow. He practises his cricket exercises and perfects his form, but he also takes extremely seriously his strength training sessions and is frequently spotted working out at the gym. Here, we examine a few workouts that Virat Kohli recommends in order for him to play at his best on the cricket pitch and maintain peak physical condition.

Exercises of Virat Kohli:

5. Clean and jerks:

It’s all about raw power in this advanced Olympic weightlifting manoeuvre. It combines the clean and the jerk actions. It’s a fantastic full-body workout that will enhance your athletic ability and increase muscle strength. If this is your first time performing this exercise, seek out expert instruction and begin with a moderate weight on the barbell.

4. Dumbbell lunges with knee raises:

Kohli shows how to simultaneously work your lower body with this dynamic lunge variant. Although you may complete this exercise without the dumbbells, the extra weight puts more strain on your legs and glutes. Start by gradually increasing the weight that you are comfortable with.

3. Snatch:

Snatch, the second exercise in the Olympic weightlifting routine, requires you to quickly lift the barbell off the ground and thrust it overhead. This exercise is completed in a single fluid motion, unlike the clean and jerk. Your entire body is put to use as you develop explosive power, speed, and balance. Kohli can be seen demonstrating his mastery of three challenging weightlifting routines, including the snatch, in this Instagram video.

2. Squat jerk:

The squat jerk, another workout that experts recommend, is an intermediate weightlifting technique that calls for you to squat deeply while pressing the barbell overhead. It gives your legs a wonderful exercise and also helps to increase shoulder mobility. Beginners should only use this movement if a trained specialist advises them to.

1. Clap pushups:

Although there are many different pushup variations, this one is a magnificent display of upper body and core strength. In this video, Kohli demonstrates how it’s done by skillfully completing a string of clap push-ups. If you’ve never done clap pushups before, start with the basic form before adding weights to increase resistance. When the weight is removed, this will assist you to increase your pushing strength and speed up your movement.

So, this was all about the top 5 exercises of Virat Kohli. Also read, SEE NOW! Gold medalist Neeraj Chopra’s Range Rover SUV.

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