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SPOTTED: Lionel Messi grocery shopping before MLS Debut

SPOTTED: Lionel Messi grocery shopping before MLS Debut

Messi was photographed at a nearby Publix just a few days after the Argentine football star came into the country to start his new squad, Inter Miami. To the surprise of the crowd, which included several people who stopped to take photographs with the soccer star, the 36-year-old World Cup winner was spotted strolling the aisles with a cart full of groceries. Yes, fans are amused seeing Lionel Messi grocery shopping.

One Twitter user made a joke, asking, “So where will he be tomorrow night, a nearby Walmart? He will definitely run out of milk. I would say as I camped out in front of that store every week.”

Messi joined Miami in the Major Division Soccer division in the United States after two seasons with his Paris team. Along with David Beckham, who joined LA Galaxy in 2007, his signing is undoubtedly the largest in the history of the league. Beckham is a co-owner of Inter Miami FC.

Lionel Messi grocery shopping:

The attacker, who was born in Argentina and is thought to be one of the best soccer players in history, spent a long period playing for Barcelona in the La Liga of Spain before joining Kylian Mbappé and Neymar in Paris in 2021.

At the age of 16, he made his professional debut with Barcelona. And during the course of his club and international career, he scored 834 goals. He has twice been awarded the best male player in FIFA’s history. In addition, he helped Argentina win its third World Cup last year, winning the “Golden Ball” MVP award.

Messi declared in June that he had made the decision to move to the United States and sign with Inter Miami in order “to live football in another way and to enjoy the day-to-day more.” Naturally, with the same obligation and desire to perform admirably as before, he remarked. But more serenely. Messi has visited Miami before, though. According to CBS Sports. The legendary forward acquired a house in the city in 2021 and frequently visits with his family. According to ESPN, Messi will make his new team’s debut on July 21.

So, this was all about Lionel Messi grocery shopping. Also read, Kim K & Lebron at Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami Debut

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