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SECRET REVEALED! Virat Kohli’s diet & workout

SECRET REVEALED! Virat Kohli’s diet & workout

Cricket legend Virat Kohli is famous for both his high level of physical condition and his exceptional on-field abilities. Kohli is a strong proponent of adhering to a precise diet in addition to his demanding exercise regimen. Kohli recently disclosed that 90% of his diet consists of steamed or boiled meals, with no masala. Read on to know more about Virat Kohli’s diet & workout.

While Kohli’s rigorous workout regimen is frequently lauded for his superb physical condition, his nutrition is equally as important in preserving his health. The former India captain recently discussed his stringent diet in an interview with Star Sports, divulging specifics about it. Kohli claims that while he generally doesn’t care too much about the taste of his food, he occasionally enjoys salads with a little dressing. The illustrious batter asserted that he could go six months without making dietary changes.

In addition to steamed and boiled food, Virat Kohli’s diet also includes pan-grilled cuisine with a little olive oil or other seasonings. Kohli avoids eating fried or spicy food. He also stays away from hot curry dishes and usually eats dal, rajma, and Lobia.

Virat Kohli’s diet & workout:

Virat Kohli’s fans are inspired by his commitment to maintaining good health as he continues to score big goals for his Indian Premier League team Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). It’s encouraging to see how he has adjusted his routine to keep up his level of fitness and compete at the highest level.

As the interview gained popularity, one user expressed surprise at Kohli’s commitment to staying healthy. It is simply mind-blowing to observe the extent of his dedication and commitment to the game and himself, even after reaching unreachable heights, according to a comment. A different commenter referred to Kohli as the “Epitome of fitness, ethics, hunger, and self-discipline.”

People have also noted that Kohli’s disregard for the flavour of his food is the secret to his diet. Virat Kohli’s dedication and work ethic in upholding a disciplined lifestyle serves as a shining example of how willpower can result in achievement.

So, this was all about Virat Kohli’s diet & workout. Also read, Arjun Tendulkar’s diet & fitness regimen.

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