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Rohit Sharma’s Earnings with Mumbai Indians Over 13 Years

Rohit Sharma’s Earnings with Mumbai Indians Over 13 Years

2011 saw Rohit Sharma join the Mumbai Indians, having been acquired by the team’s owner for a whopping 9.2 crore. Sharma is an excellent right-handed hitter. The Mumbai Indians-Rohit Sharma partnership has been prosperous ever since. In addition to improving as a player, Rohit Sharma also became a better hitter and leader. Scroll down to read Rohit Sharma’s Earnings with Mumbai Indians Over 13 Years.

Rohit Sharma was kept by the Mumbai-based team without hesitation or consideration for his enormous price tag before each major auction, and this allowed him to become a member of the elite group of the second-most expensive players in Indian Premier League (IPL) history. Let’s examine in detail Rohit Sharma’s pay progression at MI.

 Rohit Sharma’s Earnings with Mumbai Indians Over 13 Years

INR 9.2 crores (IPL 2011–2013)

In the 2011 IPL auction, Blue Army paid an astounding 9.2 crores to acquire Rohit Sharma. The Mumbai Indians were spending a lot of money on Rohit Sharma because the talented player was still relatively young and was consistently putting up strong performances in the competition.

During his debut season with the Mumbai Indians, he made 372 runs in 16 games at an average of 33.81, including three half-centuries, fully justifying his price. The Blue Army decided to keep him for the 2012 campaign at the same cost after he had such an outstanding debut season. 

Rohit Sharma's Earnings with Mumbai Indians Over 13 Years
Credit: Hindustan Times

His performance was much greater than in the previous season, as he scored his highest IPL score (109*) and amassed 433 runs with three half-centuries and a stunning century. For his side to finish in third place and make the playoffs, Rohit Sharma was a key player in the victory. He became the starting batter for the team after playing for two straight seasons.

He was rewarded with the team captaincy for the 2013 season for his steady play in his first two seasons, and he led the Mumbai Indians to victory in his debut season. He outperformed himself as a player compared to the previous two seasons. 

With 538 runs and an average of 38.42, his best in the league, he led the squad in scoring. He also played in a variety of positions and scored four half-centuries.

INR 12.5 crores (IPL, 2014–2017)

Rohit Sharma's Earnings with Mumbai Indians Over 13 Years
Credit: Times Now

Because he was the star player and captain of the squad that won the IPL trophy for the first time in 2014, Rohit Sharma’s IPL compensation increased by 12.5 percent. Because he batted outside of his usual position during the season, Rohit’s performance as a batsman suffered in 2014, as he only managed 390 runs at a poor average of 30.

However, these runs were sufficient to advance his club to the 2014 Indian Premier League playoffs. With 482 runs at an average of 34.42 in the next season, Rohit Sharma improved his game and gave the Mumbai Indians their second taste of victory. His reputation was solidified as one of the league’s most successful captains following the season, matching Gautam Gambhir and MS Dhoni.

He reached a career-high average of 44.45 in 2016, a batting triumph, but as his side ended fifth in the standings, he was an unimpressive captain. However, he made the Mumbai-based team the best in the league up until that point in the season. 

As a hitter, the captain’s 2017 season was the poorest ever, but he made history when the Mumbai Indians defeated the Rising Pune Super Giants in the championship game to become the first team to win the trophy three times. The Blue Army ended the season as the all-time winningest team.

 Rohit Sharma’s Earnings with Mumbai Indians Over 13 Years: INR 15 crores (IPL, 2018–2021)

Rohit Sharma's Earnings with Mumbai Indians Over 13 Years
Credit: Hindustan Times

After being retained before the 2018 mega auction, Hitman’s salary increased to 15 crores for the 2018 season. His effectiveness declined as his pay increased, and the squad placed fifth overall. They were unable to maintain their status as winners; in the 2019 season, Hitman improved his batting stature to score 405 runs in his first innings and help his club win an IPL title for the fourth time ever. 

He continued to receive the same wage for the following three years, making him, along with Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni, one of the richest players in IPL history. The Mumbai Indians won another trophy in 2020 after dominating the season once more. His reputation as a captain was growing all the time, but as a batter, he was falling off somewhere. Throughout those four years, his batting average never rose beyond thirty.

INR 16 crores (IPL, 2022-2023)

Rohit Sharma's Earnings with Mumbai Indians Over 13 Years
Credit: Sportskeeda

When he got paid that much money again in the 2022 season, Rohit Sharma’s IPL salary increased to 16 crores. Because of how unremarkable he appeared as a hitter, these two seasons were the worst of his career. It is very astounding that a player like Rohit Sharma could be averaging even less than 18.40 in 2023 after hitting 19.14 on average in 2022. The Blue Army’s failure to advance in the preceding two seasons was primarily due to this.


Since joining the Mumbai Indians, one of the highest-paid players is Rohit Sharma. With more than 131 crores at his disposal, he is the richest player in league history. Because he has won five championships with the Mumbai Indians, his legacy as a captain goes much beyond that. In terms of Indian Premier League runs scored, he is placed fourth as a batter. With a batting average of 29.57 and 6211 runs scored, he has amassed 144 half-centuries.

As he ages and has fewer years left as a player in the league, Hardik Pandya has taken his spot as captain. Nevertheless, he is regarded as the Indian Premier League’s (IPL) all-time most successful captain.


Rohit Sharma's Earnings with Mumbai Indians Over 13 Years
Credit: The Indian Express

What is Rohit Sharma’s highest score in ODIs?

Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma’s highest individual score in one-day internationals (ODIs) is 264 runs, achieved against Sri Lanka on November 13, 2014, at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

What is Rohit Sharma’s nickname?

By his fans and teammates, Rohit Sharma is often referred to as “Hitman”.

How many IPL titles has Rohit Sharma won with the Mumbai Indians?

Rohit Sharma has guided the Mumbai Indians to multiple triumphs in the IPL, clinching the championship title on five occasions.

When did Rohit Sharma start playing in the IPL?

Commencing his IPL journey with the Deccan Chargers in the inaugural season of 2008, Rohit Sharma subsequently became a crucial member of the Mumbai Indians, contributing significantly to the team’s success.

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