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Rinku Singh Biography: Meet Rinku Singh’s Family

Rinku Singh Biography: Meet Rinku Singh’s Family

Rinku Singh Biography: Indian cricket player Rinku Khanchand Singh was born on October 12, 1997, and is a professional player. In the middle order, he bats left-handed and occasionally bowls off-break right-handed. He represents Uttar Pradesh in domestic cricket and is a player in the Indian Premier League (IPL) for the Kolkata Knight Riders. In August 2023, Rinku Singh made his debut for India in international cricket. In this blog, we’ll study the specifics concerning the trip and the family background of Rinku Singh.

Rinku Singh Biography

Rinku Singh’s Journey

Rinku Singh is an Indian national who grew up in a humble family in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. His family is struggling financially. Despite not finishing ninth grade, Rinku’s love of cricket motivated him to quit his career as a domestic worker and devote himself to the game.

He showed determination and skill in his game-winning innings and dedicated his success to his industrious family. Under Abhishek Nayar’s guidance, Rinku, who was purchased by the Kolkata Knight Riders in 2018 for an 80 lakh purchase, has demonstrated notable progress.

Rinku Singh’s Family Background

Rinku Singh Biography: Meet Rinku Singh's Family
Credit: PersonTrends-Biography

The explosive left-hander was born in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India, on October 12, 1997. His family is not very wealthy. His sibling operates an autorickshaw, while his father delivers LPG gas.

Living in a two-room house with seven people was difficult for him at first. For him, growing up in a challenging environment was challenging. It was also challenging to balance employment and study. Since he was a small child, he has always loved to play cricket. However, his family believed that to improve his future, he should focus on his education and career.

He gave in to family pressure and went to work. Despite his older brother’s recommendation, he was merely hired as a sweeper at the coaching facility. But he wasn’t happy with this work. He reasoned that playing cricket might benefit his family’s financial situation more than becoming a sweeper. After he told his mother about his aspirations to pursue a cricket career, she was sympathetic and understanding.

Rinku Singh Biography: Meet Rinku Singh’s Family

Father: Khanchandra Singh

Rinku Singh Biography: Meet Rinku Singh's Family
Credit: Circle Of Cricket

Early on, Khanchandra Singh, the father of Rinku Singh, was busy delivering gas cylinders for a business called Goyal Jyoti Enterprises. At first, Rinku’s dad wasn’t too thrilled about his kid taking up cricket. Rather, he stressed the significance of concentrating on education to have a bright future. Still, Rinku played cricket for a long time and had an indisputable passion for the game. 

The neighbors saw Rinku’s amazing skills on the cricket pitch and were not blind to it, even though he initially faced resistance. They persuaded his father to change his mind and encourage his son’s ambition to represent his nation in cricket.

After seeing Rinku’s unshakable dedication to and passion for the game, his father started to adjust and accept Rinku’s desire to play cricket.

Even though his father would sometimes chastise him, Rinku never wavered in his commitment to playing cricket. Determined to win cricket competitions, he persevered through hard practice sessions. To help his father with the burden of transporting gas cylinders, Rinku bought a bike as a gift and expressed his appreciation and understanding.

Rinku’s father was extremely moved by this considerate gesture and enthusiastically supported Rinku’s desire to play cricket. Eventually, Rinku and his father developed a relationship based on support and encouragement via tenacity, understanding, and deeds of kindness, opening the door for Rinku to follow his cricketing goals.

Mother: Vina Devi

Rinku Singh Biography: Meet Rinku Singh's Family
Credit: Cricreads

The road Rinku took to become a cricket player was greatly influenced by his mother. Motivated by his desire to provide for his family, Rinku first tried a coaching position that his brother had suggested, but it didn’t satisfy him. As a result, he committed himself fully to practicing cricket, encouraged by his mother’s unfailing encouragement. Her support went beyond words; on sometimes, she would covertly give him money without telling his father. Rinku was greatly motivated by this act of love and belief, which encouraged him to work even harder and follow his cricketing goals with even more fervor.

Eldest Brother: Sonu Singh

Just three years older than him is the family’s oldest brother, Sonu Singh. Sonu started working as an auto driver to help support their family financially. Remarkably, Rinku’s brother Sonu married Aarti Singh when he was just 13 years old.

Rinku Singh Biography: Meet Rinku Singh's Family
Credit: Persontrends.com

Elder Brother: Mukul Singh

To support their family, Rinku Singh’s older brother Mukul Singh volunteered to work as a sweeper at a coaching facility. Seeing how hard their family was working financially, Mukul suggested that Rinku take a second job as a sweeper to help out with the household finances. Rinku, however, declined the offer because he was determined to follow his love of cricket regardless of the financial difficulties his family was experiencing.

Rinku Singh Biography: Meet Rinku Singh's Family
Credit: Instagram

Younger Brothers: Jeetu and Sheelu

The three siblings’ eldest, Rinku Singh, is joined in his love of cricket by his two younger brothers, Sheelu and Jeetu Singh. Sheelu and Jeetu are also assiduously pursuing Rinku’s lead, devoting themselves to the game with the same zeal and dedication as their bigger brother. They try to imitate Rinku’s abilities and accomplishments on the field, finding motivation in his passion for cricket. The Singh brothers are a strong trio that is united by their mutual love of the game in addition to their blood ties.

Rinku Singh Biography: Meet Rinku Singh's Family
Credit: Instagram

Youngest Sister: Neha Singh

The famous cricketer Rinku Singh’s sister is Neha Singh. Throughout his cricket journey, she has never left his side and has consistently provided encouragement and support.

Rinku Singh Biography: Meet Rinku Singh's Family
Credit: persontrends.com

Rinku Singh Biography: Conclusion

From having very little to begin with, Rinku Singh rose to prominence as an IPL player. He has demonstrated what is possible if you put in a lot of effort and maintain your resolve. Although Rinku shared a modest two-room home with six other people, his resolve was evident. He’s like a hero, never giving up on his goal of making his family’s life better. Despite enduring financial challenges, his genuine desire to offer his family a better life keeps him going. Though their circumstances make things difficult, Rinku’s lofty goals and perseverance demonstrate that hardships need not prevent someone from making a significant impact.


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