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Raghuvanshi dedicates special MU celebration to Nitish Rana

Raghuvanshi dedicates special MU celebration to Nitish Rana

In his IPL debut, Angkrish Raghuvanshi, a batter for the Kolkata Knight Riders, amassed 54 runs off of 27 deliveries against the Delhi Capitals. The 18-year-old, in the meantime, celebrated turning 50 by pointing a finger at his head. Now, in a new viral video, we can see Raghuvanshi doing the special MU celebration.

When asked why he was celebrating after the game, Raghuvanshi said he was emulating renowned Manchester United player Marcus Rashford and dedicated the knock to KKR colleague Nitish Rana. The batter from Delhi went on to clarify, saying that both he and Rana are avid supporters of Man United and that he dedicated it to Rana because he is now injured.

Angkrish was cited by India Today as saying, “Regarding my celebration during the batting innings, I did it in honour of Nitish (Rana) Bhaiya, who suffered an injury. I did that for him because he and I both like Manchester United.”

MU celebration for Nitish Rana:

Raghuvanshi dedicates special MU celebration to Nitish Rana
Photo Source: Twitter

KKR was the team that controlled the encounter at the bat, scoring 272 runs in the opening innings. While Andre Russell blasted 41 runs off of 19 deliveries, opener Sunil Narine produced an incredible 85 runs off of 39 deliveries. Later on, Rinku Singh chipped in, helping KKR score their highest-ever IPL total with 26 runs off of just eight deliveries.

The hosts were once down to 33/4 in the second innings due to Delhi Capitals’ unsatisfactory start. During the powerplay, Mitchell Starc and Vaibhav Arora each claimed two wickets, but Rishabh Pant and Tristan Stubbs handled the situation with a masterful 95-run partnership. Despite each hitting a half-century, the cricket players were unable to assist DC in reaching the target.

Delhi was eventually bowled out for 166 runs, allowing KKR to win the game by a margin of 106 runs. With six points from three games, the team captained by Shreyas Iyer then raced to the top of the standings. They will take on the defending champion Chennai Super Kings on Monday, April 8, having gone unblemished thus far in the league play.

So, this was all about the viral video of the MU celebration. Also read, Police further probe molestation claim against Prithvi Shaw

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