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Pakistan supports women’s cricket| Telecast 22 Qadam Drama

Pakistan supports women’s cricket| Telecast 22 Qadam Drama

22 Qadam Drama: In 1996, two sisters named Shaiza and Sharmeen Khan presented the idea of women’s cricket for the first time in Pakistan. The establishment of a Pakistan women’s cricket team was even seen as unlawful in traditional Pakistan. It was greeted with legal action and even threats of execution. In 1997, the government denied them permission to play in India and declared that owing to religious reasons, women were not permitted to participate in sports in public.

Nevertheless, the team overcame these challenges and played for Pakistan in 1997 against New Zealand and Australia. They were selected to participate in the Women’s Cricket World Cup later that year in India despite losing all three of their One Day International matches on that visit. Out of the eleven teams competing, they lost each of their five games and came in last place. The next year, Pakistan played their first Test match and three One Day International matches while touring Sri Lanka. They lost all three games. Since then the attitudes in Pakistan towards women’s cricket have significantly shifted. Right now, cricket is thought to be better for women’s rights. 

We recently came across a Pakistani drama named 22 Qadam. 22 Qadam, an IRK film production is a story of a girl who wants to play cricket, her struggles, and the journey she takes to realize her ambition of wearing the green jersey for Pakistan.

Pakistan supports women’s cricket| Telecast 22 Qadam Drama

Women’s cricket in Pakistan has gradually built a foundation as a professional sport for females. With the approval of professional central contracts, the recent Women’s PSL exhibition matches a focus on developing talent, projection through broadcasting, and the potential for a Women’s PSL shortly. There has been continual discussion about whether the investment is still worthwhile after winning the gold medals at the Asian Games in 2010 and 2014 and going on to frequently defeat more advanced cricket teams. To realize this dream, equal opportunities, facilities, and independence must be provided before dividing people based on their gender. However, the struggle, journey, and desire to fulfill the passion of playing this sport for the country have still not become mainstream enough to understand this. 

Here are the reasons why viewers should see this drama and how it can change how they perceive women’s cricket:

  • This drama, which stars real-life first-class cricketers, may help highlight the various barriers that girls must overcome to play cricket by weaving together the tales of different player personalities from various classes and backgrounds who must face a variety of daily challenges while coming together to pursue and fulfill a single passion.
  • It stars Hareem Farooq, a well-known celebrity in Pakistani entertainment, in the lead part. Hareem underwent fundamental cricket training to give life to the character of a female cricketer who aspires to play professionally.
  • The play, which aims to popularise women’s cricket, stars Sana Mir, a trailblazer who changed the face of the sport not just in Pakistan but also internationally and who was instrumental in shaping it into what it is today.
  • One of the primary motivators for any youngster or girl to pick up the bat, play on the streets, and begin the trip has always been seeing an actual cricket player as an inspiration. Another reason to watch this drama is to see how a young woman with the same aspirations as any other boy or girl to play the sport as Sana Mir overcomes a variety of obstacles, makes the most of her limited opportunities and forgoes anything that stands in her way.

It will be fascinating to watch real cricket players like Sana and others participate in this project.

Dream without limits

Understanding that anyone may play sports, regardless of gender or ability, and that the challenges and opportunities can vary and require various approaches is a potentially useful tool.

This applies to all fields, not just athletics. Young girls and boys need the support of their parents, families, and anybody else who can act in that capacity to help them explore, discover, and pursue their aspirations rather than give in to what-ifs.

Because of the encouragement and courage given to them to dream large and dare to succeed, people like Sana Mir, Bismah Maroof, Nida Dar, and many more have been able to become who they are today.



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