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ODI World Cup 2023: Top 5 batsmen that may bat at number 4

ODI World Cup 2023: Top 5 batsmen that may bat at number 4

Let’s assist the management as the problem with Team India’s number 4 gets worse. The following individuals are eligible to bat at position number four for Team India in the ODI World Cup 2023. The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup is this year, and the Indian Cricket Team is once again mired in turmoil.

Going into the major event, the tournament favourite still needs to find a few missing puzzles. One of their batting concerns is the middle order, particularly who will bat at position number four.

It’s a challenging job since you have to be adaptable to changing circumstances. The hitter will be alert because two wickets could fall at any moment. They also need to keep the innings. And occasionally, they’ll be looking for a solid hitting base and need to take advantage of the chance.

ODI World Cup 2023:

India didn’t have a reliable number four batsman the previous time around in 2019. And we’ve seen how important the batting position is in the past. Rohit Sharma has not yet come up with a solution to this with less than two months to go. Let’s offer five players to the team management who can bat at position number four for the Indian squad in the next ODI World Cup 2023.

Eligible Batsmen for number 4:

5. Shreyas Iyer:

ODI World Cup 2023: Top 5 batsmen that may bat at number 4
Courtesy: SkySports

Shreyas Iyer’s return to the batting order would be India’s first priority. The Mumbaikar has recently had many opportunities to demonstrate his abilities. He has proven himself to be India’s best choice for the challenging job. Iyer has played 20 innings since the 2019 CWC and has scored 805 runs at 94 SR, the best total of any Indian hitter playing at position four.

He is a competent hitter who can manage such circumstances. Most importantly, he has performed that in the most recent tests at number four, outperforming everyone else. He possesses the capabilities to navigate the situation if India loses two early wickets. Because he has leadership experience, he is aware of what the group requires of him.

The middle overs, when spinners are bowled from both ends, are when Shreyas bats the most frequently. He’s one of the most talented spin players in recent memory. The clutch player has a strong mind and the ability to save India from a disastrous batting performance. But his injury issues have altered several squad selection formulae.

4. KL Rahul:

ODI World Cup 2023: Top 5 batsmen that may bat at number 4
Photo Source: News 18

KL Rahul, along with Shreyas Iyer, is a key component of India’s World Cup roster. Rahul has primarily been seen batting at numbers 5 and 6 since the 2019 World Cup. He’s done a good job of closing the inning. Given the unavailability of Rishabh Pant, he is an easy choice because he is also keeping wickets.

But this time, if Iyer doesn’t return in time, it appears KL will have to bat up the order. KL himself suffered an injury during the IPL that prevented him from playing for Team India, but he is now on the road to recovery. He will participate in a practice game at NCA, and we will learn the final developments in a few days. KL has batted at this position three times in the last four years, totalling 189 runs, including a century.

KL possesses all the skills necessary to play at number four. He has previously played the CWC 2019 at home, and this time he will do it again. Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja can both pitch excellently in the final innings if they can maintain control and velocity. He or another senior like him must hold the innings.

3. Hardik Pandya:

ODI World Cup 2023: Top 5 batsmen that may bat at number 4
Courtesy: The Hindu Business Line

One of the few names that can be brought up when the subject of number four is brought up is Hardik Pandya. However, cricket experts will enquire and state their positions. He can rise to the occasion, though, and accept the challenge. Hardik also thrives on difficulties like these. He has consistently played at number four for his IPL team, Gujarat Titans. He is adept at performing under duress.

Hardik has undergone significant change as a batter during the past several months. He has added more nuance to his batting and is now being held accountable. He takes his time to settle down so that he can play out the innings and finally explore. A few seasons ago, he was a finisher, but a new element to his game transformed him into a pure middle-order batter.

However, this choice should only be made if KL and Iyer both miss the Asia Cup bus. The Asia Cup and Australia Series are your final chances to play Hardik at number one in the World Cup. However, it may be difficult to move Hardik up the order in this circumstance, as the batting tail may be revealed earlier than anticipated. However, club management must make a brave decision because who knows what this unexpected move can accomplish.

2. Shubham Gill:

ODI World Cup 2023: Top 5 batsmen that may bat at number 4
Photo Source: SHUBHAM GILL Twitter

Indian selectors and team management might also consider batting Shubman at position four. Although it may raise a few eyebrows, the reality is that things are now appearing hazy. Shubman, however, is supporting Rohit Sharma and providing strong starts to the order. However, there is a void between points three and five, and someone must fill it.

Particularly in ODI cricket this year, Gill has been in fantastic form. However, he batted first in every game, which was his preferred position. India might take a chance and demote him down the chain of command given his calibre. And now is the perfect time to make the call before he realises he’s lost mid-WC.

We consider this alternative with Ishan Kishan taking Gill’s place at the top in mind. The former of Gill and Kishan is a preferable choice. These options are all kept in mind in case something unexpectedly extreme occurs. Gill must therefore be given plenty of opportunities to bat at number four in order to gain a feel for the game.

1. Virat Kohli:

ODI World Cup 2023: Top 5 batsmen that may bat at number 4
Credit: Cricninjas

Virat Kohli, batting at number four for India, has scored the third-most runs for the team since 2000, after Yuvraj Singh and Rahul Dravid. It could seem strange for someone who has claimed the third batting spot to also wear the position after that. Early in his career, Virat frequently appeared at number 4. There, in the final, he had a spectacular knock of 35 and the Hobart storm of 139* – all while batting two down – brought him his maiden World Cup century.

Even though Virat used to play pretty frequently up until 2015, he only played in two innings after that and scored 23 runs at position four. But given Virat’s past performance and versatility, he is qualified to bat at position number four. And compared to all of his contemporaries, he is much more experienced and reliable at bat. Given his zeal and sense of teamwork, Virat won’t object if the team asks him to do something.

Only exceptional circumstances should be used to perform this. There is a void at number three as a result of Virat dropping down. Then Gill should bat at that spot; it won’t significantly alter his first game. Additionally, it enables Ishan to bat in his preferred position.

So, this was all about the eligible number 4 batsmen for ODI World Cup 2023. Also read, Rishab Pant’s recovery – Batting in a friendly match.

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