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Navjot Singh Sidhu drops sly remarks on MI’s captaincy row

Navjot Singh Sidhu drops sly remarks on MI’s captaincy row

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 has begun, but the Mumbai Indians’ recent MI’s captaincy change has taken centre stage. MI’s longtime captain Rohit Sharma was shockingly replaced by Hardik Pandya. This choice has triggered a contentious discussion, to which former cricket player Navjot Singh Sidhu has added his legendary perspective.

After playing for MI from 2015 to 2021, Pandya signed an all-cash contract to join Gujarat Titans (GT), where he was appointed captain. The Gujarat Titans became the 2022 IPL winners under his direction. Before the 2024 Indian Premier League, Hardik returned to MI in an all-cash deal and took over as captain, succeeding Rohit Sharma, who had guided MI to five IPL titles.

MI’s captaincy row:

Navjot Singh Sidhu drops sly remarks on MI's captaincy row
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Hardik’s choices as captain in MI’s first game against Gujarat Titans drew harsh criticism, with supporters jeering him nonstop following MI’s six-run loss. Renowned for his blunt comments, Navjot Singh Sidhu expressed his opinions on the captaincy switch.

Sidhu remarked during the analysis on Star Sports, “A God is a God even if they are standing at the bottom of a well. A dwarf is a dwarf even if he is standing at the top of a mountain.”

However, he went on, “Dhoni has already passed the batting talisman, and the Mumbai Indians could have done the same. However, as this is a franchise, the performances are what matters. After three years, they replaced it with a new employee when it was no longer effective. You have to come to terms with it. MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma are excellent players.”

In the meantime, Pandya’s choice to bat at number seven and begin the bowling in the Mumbai Indians’ opening game was supported by Kieron Pollard, the team’s recently hired batting coach. Pollard stated at the news conference following the game, “As a team, you must plan and choose what to accomplish. Over the past few years, Hardik (Pandya) has also bowled for Gujarat with the new ball. We knew going into the game that he would bowl well and swing the new ball.”

“We made an effort to take advantage of the new ball’s swing. I see nothing wrong with the conclusion reached, and we should move forward,” he said in closing.

Even though MI has a tendency to lose its first games of the season, they have nevertheless won trophies in the past. After suffering a setback, the Mumbai-based franchise travelled to Hyderabad for their scheduled matchup against Sunrisers Hyderabad on March 27.

So, this was all about the MI’s captaincy row. Also read, Tiwari says Hardik Pandya will face audience heat in Mumbai

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