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N Jagadeesan breaks silence on Chandrakant’s ugly behaviour

N Jagadeesan breaks silence on Chandrakant’s ugly behaviour

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 has begun, showcasing some fascinating behind-the-scenes tales in addition to teams competing on the pitch. The disclosure made by former cricket player N Jagadeesan regarding an event involving KKR head coach Chandrakant Pandit is one such tale that has garnered media attention.

Known for his strict and uncompromising demeanour, Chandrakant Pandit has been a member of the KKR support team since the previous campaign. His coaching style has generated a lot of conversation.

The most recent disclosure occurred during the present Delhi Capitals (DC) vs. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) IPL 2024 match in Visakhapatnam. When Varun Chakravarthy unintentionally donned a full-sleeved shirt on a day set aside for a sleeveless dress during the previous season, N Jagadeesan related an intriguing account of Pandit’s response.

N Jagadeesan gets candid:

N Jagadeesan claimed during the Star Sports Tamil commentary, “Last year, Varun (Chakravarty) inadvertently donned long sleeves on a sleeveless day at the KKR camp, according to Chandrakant Pandit. Using scissors, Chandrakant Pandit pulled him aside and ripped the shirt to reveal a sleeveless design.”

Former KKR all-rounder David Wiese had previously described Pandit’s teaching style as “very strict” and “disciplinarian,” saying that certain foreign players found it difficult to follow his rules about conduct and dress.

Wiese stated, “In India, people know him (Pandit) as a very tough coach. He is an extremely rigid and strict disciplinarian. In cricket, when you have abroad players in your franchise who have travelled the world, sometimes they don’t need someone to come to them and teach them what to wear, how to behave, and what to do all the time. In the podcast “Hitman for Hire: A Year in the Life of a Franchise Cricketer. So, that was tough.”

So, this was all about the N Jagadeesan candid moment. Also read, Mayank Yadav mother reveals his rigid routine to fast pace

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