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Mystery Girl Sejal Jaiswal gets candid on meeting MI squad

Mystery Girl Sejal Jaiswal gets candid on meeting MI squad

The 17th Indian Premier League (IPL) season is currently in progress, and numerous off-field moments have gone viral. The Mumbai Indians team recently gained notoriety after being photographed with an unidentified female Sejal Jaiswal. As soon as Sejal’s photos of herself with MI squad players like Hardik Pandya, Rohit Sharma, and many others went viral on social media, her identity came under scrutiny from followers.

Sejal Jaiswal recently spoke up and shared her experience with MI players. She disclosed that her phone was inundated with alerts following the viral success of her photos, with numerous individuals inquiring about her identity.

She disclosed that she was able to meet the Mumbai Indians team thanks to her continued work as a PR consultant for a chartered airline, which allowed her to travel with significant customers.

Sejal Jaiswal meets the MI squad:

Jaiswal was quoted as saying by the Hindustan Times, “I just woke up to my phone being inundated with notifications. I saw a particular one that promised a reward to anyone who could figure out who I was. However, I would prefer to stay with the mystery girl because it is more enjoyable and allows me to travel on flights with upscale customers, including the IPL teams. As a cricket fan, it is incredible to meet cricket players in person.

The actor, who is based in Nagaland, also discussed her relationship with the MI players, clarifying that it is strictly professional. She went on to say that the players had treated her incredibly well and shared her meeting experience with Rohit Sharma.

“Memes and gags have been made that associate me with cricket players. But all I have in common with them is our business relationship. They have just been courteous and kind. Because Rohit Sharma is so grounded, I most remember hanging out with him. We even exchanged khakhras,” stated Jaiswal.

So, this was all about Jaiswal meeting the MI squad players. Also read, Glenn Maxwell gets candid on LSG player Mayank Yadav

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