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MI player Romario Shepherd discloses his humble upbringing

MI player Romario Shepherd discloses his humble upbringing

Ahead of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024, West Indies all-rounder Romario Shepherd recently opened up about his modest upbringing in Baracara, Guyana. The five-time champion Mumbai Indians acquired the 29-year-old after a fruitful trade with the Lucknow Super Giants. Fans are excited to see MI player Romario Shepherd play.

Shepherd said he always keeps himself grounded by remembering the hardships he has faced in the past. He continued by saying that the majority of the kids in Baracara attended school barefoot and that the only way to get there was by the river because the town’s roads were made of concrete.

Shepherd told ESPNcricinfo, “I try to maintain my humility because I am aware of my origins. I am aware of the difficulty in coming up. I gave a talk about my life narrative in 2021. Ninety-nine per cent of the children never wore shoes to school, including ourselves. Since most people in Baracara get to school by boat, you never wear shoes to school. There is a lot of river-based transportation there. There are only mud roads instead of concrete ones.”

MI player Romario Shepherd gets candid:

MI player Romario Shepherd discloses his humble upbringing
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The all-round player said that having a good bat and strength are the main factors in his ability to hit big sixes when asked about his secret. He did concede, though, that no one should expect a finisher to hit a maximum on their first attempt. Also, he went on to say that regardless of the bowler, he always has his back and enjoys playing the finishing role.

He continued, “Sometimes all you need is strength and a good bat (laughs). It’s difficult since everyone anticipates that we finishers will hit a six off of the first ball. It just doesn’t happen on some days. You have to go out there and attempt to hit sixes on the first ball. However, once you get it right, you can quickly establish yourself. I trust my process, and I accept that role. I know my strength, so regardless of who is bowling, I back myself to clear the rope against them. Thus, when I’m at the crease, it’s my strength against your strength.”

Romario Shepherd went on to discuss Shamar Joseph, a fellow citizen who will be playing in the 2024 Indian Premier League for the Lucknow Super Giants. He complimented the 24-year-old’s 150 kph bowling ability and joked that he would try to avoid being dismissed by the former.

Shepherd said, “He has bowled to me in the nets during practice games in Guyana and successfully removed me from the game, but this will be his first official encounter. Shamar has accelerated his bowling speed. I have to use more caution around him because he can bowl at 150 kph. I’m going to make sure that he doesn’t get me out [in the IPL] because if he gets me out [in the IPL], he’s going to tell me about it all day (laughs).”

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