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Jamaican women’s football team lauds Bob Marley’s daughter

Jamaican women’s football team lauds Bob Marley’s daughter

Bob Marley’s daughter serves as a sort of “fairy godmother” for the Jamaican team competing in their second Women’s World Cup. Cedella Marley helped save the Reggae Girlz team after it was disbanded in 2008 by working tirelessly as an advocate and fundraiser for the group. Jamaica has advanced to the round of 16 because of her hard work. In Melbourne, Australia, on Tuesday night, The Reggae Girlz perform for Colombia.

Deneisha Blackwood, a Jamaican athlete, said, “Her support has been really important to us and she’s just the heart of this team. She reminds me of our fairy godmother. We simply thank her for everything she has accomplished thus far.”

After missing out on qualifying for both the 2007 World Cup and the 2008 Olympics, The Reggae Girlz split up. The eldest daughter of Bob and Rita Marley was shocked to find that the Jamaican football federation no longer supported the squad in 2014.

Marley had intended to assist the Reggae Girlz in qualifying for the 2015 World Cup. Despite the Reggae Girlz missing the World Cup, the Marley name—Bob Marley was a huge football enthusiast and player—spurred interest in the team, and in 2019 they qualified for the competition.

Bob Marley’s daughter:

Jamaican women’s football team lauds Bob Marley’s daughter
Photo Source: AS USA

Cedella has been this team’s “backbone from the beginning,” according to Jamaican coach Lorne Donaldson. She confesses, “Without her, and I can honestly say this since there was no football for the women while the programme was failing. We need to move forward.” She remarked as she depressed the start button.

Even though the Bob Marley Foundation is one of the team’s sponsors, the Reggae Girlz still have money issues. A player’s mother started a GoFundMe fundraising effort before the World Cup. The Reggae Girlz Foundation established another. Both websites aimed to assist Jamaican women with World Cup expenses like as training camp, travel, food, and staff assistance.

Players Cheyna Matthews and Khadija “Bunny” Shaw released a statement on social media regarding salary troubles and other issues, which prompted their appeals. The Jamaican Football Federation was urged in the statement to address the issue of improper preparation.

So, this was all about Bob Marley’s daughter and the Jamaican women’s football team. Also read, Florentino Perez bids farewell to Real Madrid Presidency?

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