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Everything about Indian Football Hero Kush Chhetry

Everything about Indian Football Hero Kush Chhetry

Indian football has a new star on the scene in Kush Chhetry. Kush rose to fame after leading East Bengal to a 2-0 victory over Mohun Bagan in the rivalry game of the Reliance Under-21 Youth Football League. Kush Chhetry scored both goals and more importantly, East Bengal FC overcame Mohun Bagan after a four-year hiatus at both the senior and junior levels. Scroll down to read Everything about Indian Football Hero Kush Chhetry

Indian Football Hero Kush Chhetry

When he scored both goals in the team’s 2-0 victory over Mohun Bagan Super Giants (formerly ATK MB) in the RF Development League, the 18-year-old Manipuri midfielder attracted attention for his excellent performance. He completed an incredible season with 4 goals and 4 assists in 14 games and could help the Torch Bearers in the upcoming ISL season as they try to recapture their illustrious past.

The Journey

Kush is a native of Kanga Towang, a hamlet in West Manipur. His father is an Assam Rifles employee. He has two elder brothers. However, Kush was motivated to take up the sport at the age of 10 primarily by observing his cousins play at their neighbourhood pitch. He was encouraged to play football by his father as well. At the age of 11, Kush was able to join his district squad because of his talent. While playing with Kanga Towang, he also won the district league championship.

On winning the championship, Kush said,

“I had scored four goals in the league as well, one of which was in the championship. My performance encouraged Gokulam FC’s under-15 team to invite me to a selection trial. I won over the Gokulam FC coach Suhair VP, who helped me find a local team to compete in the Kerala league. But since I was just 15 years old, I had few opportunities to play. Then, Bino George, the first Keralan to hold a Pr license and in charge of the East Bengal junior and reserve teams, requested me to show up for trials with the red-and-gold brigade.

Footballer Kush also showed gratitude towards the team. He said,

“I must mention the constancy that my teammates showed throughout the game, which allowed strikers like me to score. I should mention our custodian Aditya Patra, whose outstanding performance greatly motivated us, particularly in the first derby and other games. He served as a “Great Wall.” Aditya will be a huge help to us in the last stage as well, and he deserves extra praise for that. I appreciate you, Bino sir. He has greatly aided in inspiring me to pursue my goals of wearing senior India shirts and competing in the ISL in the future.”

Bhajans on Krishna and Hanuman Ji are Kush’s favorite music. He stated:

“I listen to Bhajans before every game to sharpen my focus and de-stress mentally. Before the derby, I also did it. Being calm and focused helps me.”

Kush Chhetry is set to sign a multi-year contract extension with East Bengal FC

Halfway Football has discovered that Kush Chhetry, the star of East Bengal FC’s 2023 RF Development League campaign, is close to signing a three-year contract extension with the Red and Gold Brigade. Kush Chhetry’s contract with East Bengal will now be extended for three more years. Everything has been agreed upon, and the last pieces of paper will be filed soon, a source told Halfway Football.

Mohun Bagan Super Giants, their bitter rivals, were interested in him. But the Torchbearers were able to persuade him to stay with the team.



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