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Entire flight cheers as Sachin Tendulkar travels economy

Entire flight cheers as Sachin Tendulkar travels economy

The ‘Sachin Sachin’ chants welcome the legendary Indian cricket player Sachin Tendulkar almost everywhere he goes, and he has a sizable fan base across the globe. In a video that went viral on social media, Sachin’s fellow passengers could be seen clapping and chanting his name as they supported him during a flight.

The legendary cricket player was obviously moved by the standing ovation, and he greeted the other travellers on the plane by folding his hands. The fact that the chants are frequently heard during Indian cricket matches is evidence of his enduring popularity even after he retired.

As for Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, the legendary cricketer congratulated the Bollywood actress and India batting talisman on Tuesday, calling it a “precious addition” to their “beautiful family” following the couple’s announcement of the birth of their second child.

Fans chant Sachin Tendulkar:

Sachin wished for “endless joy and laughter” in their lives with the arrival of “Akaay” on his official X (previously Twitter) account. “Adventures and memories” that Virat and Anushka would always treasure, he continued.

“We are happy for Virat and Anushka on the birth of Akaay, a priceless member of your lovely family! May the light of his name brighten any space, and may he bring you boundless happiness and laughter. Cheers to the journeys and experiences you will always treasure. Little champ, welcome to the world,” Sachin wrote on X.

Entire flight cheers as Sachin Tendulkar travels economy
Image Credits: Instagram

Earlier on Tuesday, Kohli and Anushka announced the birth of their baby, Akaay, on their official social media accounts.

Virat Kohli announced, “We are happy to announce to everyone that on February 15th, we welcomed our baby boy, Akaay & Vamika’s younger brother, into the world with unending happiness and love in our hearts. In this wonderful moment of our lives, we ask for your blessings and well wishes. At this moment, we kindly ask that you respect our privacy. Gratitude and love. Virat and Anushka “On his social media account.”

So, this was all about the viral video of the ace cricket player Sachin Tendulkar. Also read, Top 10 athletes in the world with most Instagram followers

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