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Cristiano Ronaldo singing in Arabic video is DEEP FAKE

Cristiano Ronaldo singing in Arabic video is DEEP FAKE

On social media, a video of a person singing in Arabic is extensively circulated. Cristiano Ronaldo, a well-known football player, is said to be the individual in the video. Cristiano Ronaldo singing in Arabic has stunned his fans on the internet. Let’s use this article to investigate this claim’s veracity.

After conducting a reverse image search using the video’s screenshots, we discovered a YouTube video that resembled the popular post. The featured person is not the same as the one from the popular post, which is the lone exception. To learn more, we conducted a subsequent online search using pertinent keywords, which directed us to a YouTube video.

The movie was released by a YouTube channel called Monzi (magicofbarca) and is titled Ronaldo praying any top club in Europe signs him this summer (DeepFake). It shows the identical person from the popular post, who looks a lot like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo singing in Arabic:

The post description, which states that the video is phoney (and a joke), confirms that this is a deep fake (a video in which a person’s face or body is replaced with someone else’s using digital technology). The identical video, which is available here, was posted by “magicofbarca” on their Instagram account.

The post’s description includes a link to the original article. You can view the video’s Instagram link from this page. This was made by Cristiano Ronaldo’s doppelganger Beware, Abdullah, an Instagram user. He is the same person that appears in the initial video that Yandex turned up for us.

I make deepfakes of YouTube stars like KSI and Pewdiepie, as well as football players like Messi and Ronaldo, according to the description of this YouTube channel. I can do a deep fake commission for you if you message me on Twitter or Instagram.

Looking at this viral video the netizens started claiming that Cristiano Ronaldo is singing Arabic songs after converting to Islam. He is now a Muslim. However, the fact is this video was produced and released by the Monzi (magicofbarca) YouTube channel, which produces Deep Fakes of football players like Messi and Ronaldo. As a result, the allegation in the post is FALSE.

So, this was all about the viral video of Cristiano Ronaldo singing in Arabic. Also read, Virat Kohli’s favourite holiday destination is dreamy!

  1. LOL this is too funny. The wonders AI could do is scary.. Thank you for clarifying the truth.

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