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Watch 10 Ugly Cricket Fights

Watch 10 Ugly Cricket Fights

Cricket, which is frequently referred to as the Gentleman’s game, emits a spirit of fair play, teamwork, and sportsmanship. However, amid the thrill and speed of the game, there have been times when the passion for competitiveness has spilled over, leading to unsportsmanlike behavior on the pitch. The purity of the game’s rules and ethos have occasionally been violated when players have become embroiled in tense arguments that have gone beyond the bounds of acceptable conduct. Here, we list the top 10 most shocking cricket bouts ever, shocking the entire cricketing world. These incidents, which range from verbal spats to physical fights, offer a glimpse into the infrequent times when players’ emotions overcame them and obscured the real purpose of the Gentleman’s game. Scroll down to read 10 Ugly Cricket Fights.

10 Ugly Cricket Fights

Jacques Kallis & Kemar Roach, WI vs SA (2010)

The battle between legendary South African boxer Jacques Kallis and West Indian fast bowler Kemar Roach ranks tenth on this list. The series was close to being won easily by South Africa. Kemar Roach bowled a superb bouncer to Kallis out of the blue. He then launched a verbal argument that was completely needless at that precise moment to express his dissatisfaction.

Sulieman Benn & Brad Haddin, AUS vs WI (2009/10)

The 2009 altercation between former Australian wicketkeeper Brad Haddin and West Indian spinner Suleiman Benn in Perth is next. Mitchell Johnson was attempting to fetch a run when Benn and Johnson got into a physical altercation. Brad Haddin, who was at the striker’s end, angrily pointed his cricket bat at Benn for preventing them from taking a single.

Benn engaged both Australian batsmen in a verbal altercation before pushing one of them after feeling offended and disrespected. While Brad Haddin was fined 25% for violating the Level 1 Code of Conduct, Benn was given a match suspension.

Gautam Gambhir & Shane Watson, Simon Katich, IND vs AUS (2008)

Gambhir has always played cricket aggressively. 2008 Border-Gavaskar Trophy test match Gautam Gambhir and Australian all-rounder Shane Watson got into a physical altercation. Gambhir deliberately struck Watson’s chest with his elbow while bringing up a double.

Then, as Simon Katich obstructed Gautam as he was picking up a single, he became involved in an ugly altercation with Simon Katich. Despite Gambhir’s double century, match referee Chris Broad suspended him for one test due to his actions.

Quinton De Kock & David Warner, SA vs AUS (2018)

During the test series in 2018, Australian starting quarterback David Warner got into a physical altercation with South African custodian Quinton De Kock. Due to Aiden Markram’s poor judgment in calling, AB De Villiers lost his wicket in a runout. Due to the Australians’ increased motivation, Warner attacked De Kock and made disparaging remarks about his mother and sister to frighten the new batsmen.

De Kock responded to Warner in his language after tea and before heading back to the changing area. However, as can be seen in the video below, Warner didn’t take it well.

 Yuvraj Singh & Andrew Flintoff, IND vs ENG (2007)

Even though this struggle wasn’t as brutal as others that will come after it, its effects led to the creation of a historic achievement in international cricket. Yuvraj Singh entered the batting order in the 18th over of the T20 World Cup 2007 match between India and England.

After the over was finished, Flintoff attempted to sled Yuvraj and uttered some derogatory remarks. However, Yuvi was energized by Flintoff’s statements rather than distracted. The ‘Prince of Punjab’ vented all his resentment by hitting Stuart Broad for six sixes in a row with the bat!

Gautam Gambhir & Kamran Akmal, IND vs PAK (2010)

The intensity between the two sides is always at its highest during each Indo-Pak encounter. In the crucial Asia Cup match in 2010, Gambhir and Pakistan’s wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal got into another nasty confrontation. Gambhir miscut a ball heading for the point. However, Kamran protested because he believed Gambhir had edged the ball.

Gambhir approached Kamran during the beverage break and advised him not to appeal. The umpires and Captain Cool MS Dhoni interfered in the argument. One of the most exciting bouts in sports history occurred here.

Ramnaresh Sarwan & Glenn McGrath, WI vs AUS (2003)

The next major cricket brawl occurred during a test match of Australia’s 2003 tour to the West Indies. Glenn McGrath, a legendary Australian player, was struggling to control the ball. He became frustrated and adopted the classic Australian tactic of sledding to divert the batsman’s attention.

In a fit of rage, McGrath said of Sarwan, “How does Brian Lara’s c*ck taste like mate?” “I don’t know,” Sarwan retorted, “ask your wife.” Glenn McGrath was quite close to his wife at the time, who was suffering from cancer, making this argument even more unpleasant. 

Glenn responded, “If you f**king mention my wife again, I’ll f**king rip your f**king throat out.” One of the most compelling bouts in sports history occurred here.

Dennis Lillee & Javed Miandad, AUS vs PAK (1981)

One of the most brutal cricket battles ever witnessed took place in 1981. Former Pakistani captain Javed Miandad gave Australian pacer Dennis Lillee a run by flicking him. When Lillee attempted to block the Pakistani captain while taking the single, Miandad pushed him out of reflex.

They exchanged a few friendly words before Lillee kicked Miandad in the back as he turned around to get his headgear from the umpire. Javed Miandad responded by lifting his bat and nearly hitting the fast bowler from Australia! It was an even more repulsive episode because the captain of the international cricket team engaged in this kind of behavior.

“Monkeygate” Incident between & Harbhajan Singh Andrew Symonds, AUS vs IND (2007/08)

The historic “Monkeygate,” the most contentious cricket altercation in the sport’s history, comes in at number two. Bhajji pushed Brett Lee’s bouncer towards square leg during the second test of the Border Gavaskar Trophy (2007–2008) in Sydney. Harbhajan thanked Lee for bowling a quality delivery after getting the single.

In the meantime, Symonds unexpectedly intervened and argued with Bhajji verbally. According to reports, Bhajji exclaimed, “Teri maa ki..” (son of a…) in a fit of rage, which the Australian squad mistook for the exceedingly racist term “monkey.”

Following the game, Australian Cricket filed a complaint against Harbhajan for making offensive racist remarks, and the issue was heard by the International Cricket Council. Due to Australia’s inappropriate actions, BCCI issued a warning to withdraw from the series. After this incident, Bhajji was given a 3-match suspension.

Inzamam ul-Haq vs an Indian fan, IND vs PAK (1997)

 The most revolting and offensive act that cricket fans could have ever imagined happened on September 14, 1997, in front of a worldwide audience. Inzamam ul-Haq was jeered at the Indian supporters for his unfit physique during an ODI between India and Pakistan in the Sahara Cup in Toronto, Canada.

When a fan in the stadium began to yell “Aaloo” (potato), Inzi lost his composure and ran straight for the stands, hitting the fan with his bat! After this occurrence, the ICC banned Inzamam for two matches, even though he should have received a harsher penalty. 

So, this was all about the top 10 Ugly Cricket Fights of the gentlemen’s game.


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